Living life like a boss. And CAKES!

Whenever I feel lazy to type in a blog entry, I start hyper ventilating. I keep saying to myself (while I procrastinate)- ‘OMG, Sweta, this is it, this is going to be the last time you try to write something and your blog will slowly decay into oblivion and no-one will care’. I start thinking of topics. Every thing, even ants and dust seem to motivate me to write but nothing is ever good enough. I know, some of you do read my blog regularly (have i ever thanked you enough?) and some don’t (why, WHY?) but will it matter if I stop writing?

Now this is not a quest for fishing compliments. I am only just being honest. I would miss a blog if it dies (given that I like it already and it is awesome and its death is untimely). I love the blogs I follow and I read them regularly. I am like this dog that returns to its place of worship but then, there are days where I just don’t feel inspired enough to write something substantial. I mean, hello? I have a standard to keep here! So days go by before I write something for the blog and by that time the stats fall down to a trickle. Shaa, what a waste huh?

Anyway, so what i was saying was that every time I decide that ‘that, that post was IT and my blog will definitely die NOW’, I get a new follower or a new like or a new comment. Something positive always happens and I get all bubbly and bouncy about it. I feel like a little girl on a sugar rush and my fingers automatically type in a new post. 😀

So here’s one for today-
I have been on vacation. post-exams I have nothing to do but laze around, surf the internet, watch TV, watch movies (i recently watched Casablanca, An accidental husband, Autumn in New York, Lost in Translation and Barfi :D), watch House and catch up on Gossip Girl. Oh, and blog. And Read!  It being international book week and all, I decided to buy one of the International best sellers. I am currently reading Shantaram. I am loving it till now and I am only on the 30th page. Shantaram is also my mum’s gift to me on Daughter’s Day! (thank you ma!)

Thats what I did last night- Some old wine, a new book, and chocolates. 😀

My mother’s going on an exchange programme to Germany as a teacher representative and India being a tropical country, we were short on the required woollens so she and I went shopping. She bought her stuff while I looked around the clothes and wandered into Crossword and then, I got stuck. All the books literally stared back at me so I went through some of them (Catcher in the Rye, What Young India Wants, etc) and then decided to buy a book instead of buying clothes. And the moment in which I made that decision, I felt so happy and grown up. I felt like I was buying something that was for life. And so, I am now a proud owner of Shantaram, by Gregory David Roberts. And then mum and I went to a cake shop and I ate a big slice each, of  Blueberry cheese cake and Chocolate Truffle Cake. And then I was bloated. And then we went out decided against having Puchka. We ate Puchka nonetheless and happily trotted back home.


Double yumm.

I read the first page of the book out loud (because it was that good) while mamma tried on her new acquisitions. Oh, and she recently purchased a saree for herself which I wore as well, yknow, just to try it on and my god did I look awesome or whaaa? 😛

India, Incredible India?

Life has become and endless session of TV-Internet-Shopping and phone calls and I am not complaining. College reopens on 1st and holidays (for Durga puja) begin soon after so yes, I am living life right the way I want to!

-Enjoy and don’t detangle!

Stretch. Stand up.

Till where can you stretch? No, I do not mean ‘stretch’ in the true sense of the word like elasti-girl stretch..because that would just be perverted and cheap!

Not her!

By ‘stretch I mean- what is your limit? Have you set any standards or are you floundering about this big beautiful world till you get to a point in life where you can look at yourself and say ‘Eh, not bad’? Are you okay with being dependent on people around you? Even if those people are your closest, truest buddies, would you pile on to them for every little thing in your life or would you rather open a dictionary to look up the word P-R-I-D-E?
God, Almighty, Allah; whatever name, has given you two arms, a pair of feet, a head with a brain in it and a heart. Use that heart to get yourself to feel something. I’m going to hint at: ego. Yes, everybody says that an ego is a terrible thing to have. And we all know one fact (thanks to House MD): Everybody Lies. To me, Ego is nothing but Self Respect. Weigh things out proportionately and nothing in life is bad. Jealousy is good too, it’ll make you perform better if you know what I mean 😉

Anyway, I digressed.
Ego. Ego is good. Ego is necessary. Without an ego, you don’t really know who you are or where you draw the line for someone. For instance, how much would you let a friend support you? Yes, I said friend. Omg, now don’t jump up and say ‘But he is a friend so he is SUPPOSED to help me out’ or ‘She is a sister, more than a friend, she loves me’. Trust me, after a point, you need to frikkin’ stand up on your two feet and look down at the world with contempt. Contempt because, the world gave you a friend who halts your growth. If you have no one, then you have noone to either push you up..or pull you down. Friends are great to share, enjoy, vent, bla bla bla. But when a friend becomes a means to get what you otherwise wouldnt be able to get on your own, then you must rethink your so called friendship. Yeah, friends become family after a point but they can never replace your family.

A few days back, this friend of mine was telling me how lucky she is to have been able to live with a family which she got to choose and a family which so SO loving and so much cooler than most others. That she ‘got’ to choose to live with them and that she’s one of the lucky few. I’ll tell you one thing; my family is not perfect by any means.. I mean i could find a trillion things that I’d love to change, alter, add, do away with but never, in my wildest dreams, would I choose some other family over mine. It maybe broken but it is MINE and I will guard its integrity till life leaves me.

Draw a line. Live above it.

Respect yourself. Respect what your family has (or hasn’t) provided you with. Fill in those blanks that stare gapingly at you. Get off your sweet ass and do something about it instead of leaning on people. You have a spine, use it and stand straight.

One day, the world will know you for who you are and not for who you were with.

Break free if it's a facade.

The IPL plea.

On April 4th, most of India was glued to their television sets, tuned into a channel rarely watched otherwise by sensible people, to watch something that has become an annual ritual. The IPL was here. The Indian Premier League. *imagine the blow horn, er, blowing*
I wasn’t an exception. Despite being in college, which by the way, is located in a place which qualifies as a town, I went to a restaurant and watch the likes of Priyanka, Kareena and Kate perry sing dance and frolic to. I was expecting a match, but sigh, I always expect unfeasible things off the Indian junta.

I had to support  KKR by default. I used to watch each match with bated breath. Even as they lost the first two matches, I continued my support. then they won and lost and dragged along. Then they climbed up to the top 4 and I relaxed.

Dekho SRK. Hum jeet sakte hai!

So this friend of mine asked me if I’m watching the match and I flipped. I had stopped following the IPL! The unthinkable had happened.  I am at home and I have a television set, in all its Plasma glory waiting to be switched on and I wasn’t watching the match!! I was free! Free off the onus of knowing every score of every match with every detail about Orange caps and super sixes. I was free from 4 in the evening till 12 at night to do what I pleased. The IPL fever was gone. Woohoo! Freedom, Glory!!

And ^this was how I felt.

The IPL was a success, and it should be. It has captured the attention of the masses in the most cunning method possible.

  • It’s got cricket which is GOD in India, hell yeah! I mean, people keep themselves free, take sick leave from work to sit at home and watch those matches.
  • Since the Indian public is raving mad about it’s celebrities, Lalit Modi devised the best way to ensure packed stadiums- get celebs into the arena and voila! the people are peering backwards at the owner (read SRK, Zinta) rather than the match. But that was the story of the first few seasons. This year, at least my friends are less excited about him and more about KKR. What an achievement!
  • We all know how short our attention span is. at most it is, what 20-30 seconds? And the shortest an IPL match could get is 5 overs, right? What more do you want- from twenty-twenty you go right ZAP down to paanch-paanch. Reminds me of hide and seek aka chhuppan chhuppai. Dhappa!
  • And with such a short format, no one will be able to spot a rigged match! So everybody wins and everybody is happy. (though a fixed match isn’t all that hard to guess)
  • IPL gives the perfect excuse to hang with friends, cheap too- 500 to 750 at the max and you have atleast five hours of guaranteed fun irrespective of which team wins.
  • Cheerleaders! The perfect food for the desparates in us. Only if they aren’t the apsaras of my home team, though. They look like a cross between a terribly suffocated woman and a brinjal.

  • Finally, IPL has cricket. Oh, I said that already 😛

And why do I not watch it anymore?
Because it is boring after a point and I have work. Also, because Only the finals really matter. I wonder who won today’s match though…