The man with a suitcase.

I left and flew through clouds. Like macro shots of cotton whisps.
White with ragged ends; as if someone had carelessly torn an edge and forgotten to comb what remained. Some gray, their bellies full of rain and just a tickle away from a downpour. Some auburn, reflecting the sunlight almost as if they were blushing, turning pink with a slight turn of fate.

The hum of music seemed to fade while I made unnecessary yet, at that moment, decisions of utmost importance. As the song changed I realised that it took me the span of one Floyd song to reach the conclusion that the next book I read would be by Pamuk. My thoughts surprised me by shuffling back to you. The winter mornings we had spent together while knitting the gray sweater for your Grammy. I was trying to concentrate vehemently while you tore on the edges of the stray cotton ball. Kitten, I said.
I laughed a bellyful, while you showered me with kisses. I turned pink, and fate did a small salsa while it twirled around the fingers I had so lovingly outstretched. Just a few more days and this would be all I have to share. Had I known, would I have made that last memory grand or is mundane enough? Was it banal, or what we shared; was that what life really is?

As I sit among a hundred strangers, I know you are there around me, Anne, I know that your presence surrounds me in the clouds. I can feel you everyday, everywhere. Why else would you make me want to fly? Why else would I choose to be among the clouds? You’ve made a traveller out of me, Anne. Even in your conclusion, you left me with three dots… A continuum. In your departure, you’ve left meΒ  exhilarated and a better man… and how can I thank you? I travel, Anne, and I am with the clouds.


– tangled?

Pujo Gifts!

It is the season of Durga Puja now. Andit is that time of the year where the youngsters of the family get either money of gifts or other things, much like the Christmas of the West. A day ago, someone asked me: I don’t know what to gift you! You’ve seen a lot of things today; our hjome, the hospital..what is it that you want?
I joked and replied, “I want the hospital”, but when I thought long and hard about what I actually wanted (you don’t get open cards all that often, you know), I realised that I wanted no such thing.
I want a fitter body and a flat stomach, which incidentally she can give to me, courtesy her hospital and its new liposuction unit..but we all know that isn’t happening!
I want to be a surgeon, which she can help me with but not unless I prove my mettle.
I don’t want clothes or shoes or lenses for my camera. I want my book to be published and some reviews for what I believe in. I want to travel: to Iceland into a volcano, and to the Arctic in spring, to go deep sea diving and be within a cage while sharks swim around me, to live in a city for not more than a year and change countries (damn you, international laws!)

I realised that for everything I want, hardwork and money are the two constants. The time for hardwork is now and hopefully, the latter will follow. Now, the catch22 is that, once I start working and once I get into the rut of things, will I be able to get what I want?

– tangled, again.

Aaah! :(

What I wouldn’t do to be in Pune right now. Two of the people who mean the most to me are there and I could literally give an arm to go there asap!
My best friend has chicken pox and I really want to give her a hug. I want to sit and draw things with her and learn The Cup Song.
And my stud boy is achieving all these major feats in his college and I want to be a part of it too. He’s doing what he’s always wanted to and that makes me so happy!

I wish I could to there, just, that’s all I wish. As soon as possible.
I owe it to them, more than anything. I did not see my BFF’s college in Delhi and I haven’t seen stud-boy’s college the way I want to, per se. And they’ve both been more than enthusiastic, and have travelled with me to mine, albeit it’s closer to home than the distance I have to travel to see theirs. Ha!

Aaaah! I miss them so much 😦
I’d travel for a day just to be there for a day. *ptch*



Third post in.

I’m currently on my flight till Bangkok from Phuket. There are a lot of Indians on this flight. Lot. Yesterday was a good day, we went to Phi Phi island. Funny thing, I haven’t quite understood why they keep referring to it as P.P island..peepee could actually mean something else! And to have an entire island dedicated to it seems legit because that is primarily what is most used there. French, Russian, American, European, you name it and they are there with their Thai escorts massaging them to glory and orgasms. There was this biiiiiig group of French men travelling with us (and a hundred others) on the cruise till the Island. They were the ones enjoying the most- singing, drinking, smoking and one of the guys was a proud owner of 5 hickeys on his neck!

Anyway, after a 2.5 hour ride we changed boats and wentboff for snorkeling which was scary initially. Breathing through your mouth becomes difficult if you’re from a country like India where you’re taught to specifically breathe through your nose to avoid the pollution! After a minute of hesitation and a minor ‘Give up’ I finally did end up looking underwater and it was beautiful πŸ™‚
There were so many fish and corals and algae and so many colours! Although the reef isn’t the best that is available but it was good enough for me. It isn’t anything special really, not for the ones who’ve been to better, more exotic locations abut it was pretty nice for me. Oh. And I wore a bikini! WoOt.

The 2.5 hour journey in the sun on the deck was tiring but fun, courtesy the number of ethnicities I was surrounded by. There was a lady from Bahrain who kept saying how good the camera of her iPhone was and how sucky Canon is. And her son kept laughing. He had long eyelashes. We all look like the country we belong to…and I could easily identify the Indians and precisely begalis in the crowd.

After another journey back to Phuket, which was mainly spent in sleeping and watching The Karate Kid (the one with will smiths son) in interstices. And I has the Kwality Walls Magnum. I wonder why they don’t introduce it in India. I am tired of the Feast and Chocobar :/

Anyway, Bangkok and Pattaya should be as good.
-stay a traveller πŸ™‚

Second post in.

Day 2 in Phuket.
Started off with our very hassled guide because he couldn’t understand my father’s name. The tour was booked under mom’s name but dad was talking and the names were long so finally, he ended up christening my dad with a name that is half my mum’s name-Santosh.

With a new found name, Mr. Santosh, ma and I started off to view Karon view point. The thing I found most amazing from there was the Crab island I saw. Apparently there are *no prize for guessing* lots of and only crabs there. Now I know where I am supposed to pack off my not-so-loved people. Either they’ll feast over crab meat or become a feast for the crabs. Latter the better. πŸ˜›


Taken from my camera on my camera. Pliss don't mind.

I’m travelling with this couple. I don’t know why but they click photographs in the same pose. And the lady keeps touching her boyfriends nose. That rhymed. I wish I had a boyfriend. I’d not pull his nose, that isn’t cute. They think it is though.
They misplaced (and then found) their camera bag as soon as you could say Lose. Haha. Headed to Big Buda (Buddha) now. And then a cashew and honey farm. Beeeeeeeeees! I hope they make me wear that cool white suit to avoid getting stung. Ha!

Okay so this is after the day is over. I’ve had a WONDERFUL day and this place is meant for pretty people but wth I shopped for something that is super duper awesome and I should stop rambling aaaaa.
The last stop was a jewellery store and not any random store. It was ike the Tiffanys of Thailand or something. We walked in like any tourist, lost in a big place with people who don’t talk the same language. Bayo was our salesman. We fished for ruby and emerald and then I saw silver rings and pounced. I liked one and mum aggreed. And then mum liked one and I agreed. And then we moved around some more and some more. And then a bit more. And then daddy dear spotted a beautiful and I repeat beautiful, pearl necklace. Im not the goddy necklace kinda girl but this one was simply elegant and my stole my heart. Thank god for MasterCard πŸ™‚
The asst. sales manager came arounbd and saw that we were big fish haha and then mamma liked an earring to go with and dukaan ki toh chaandi ho gayi.

We returned, both happy and shocked and slept. I woke up to a Caesar salad and we went off shopping for swimming costume and flowy dresses whoh we bought. Ate food at a sea food restaurant and from the way we are at it..I will grow over fish and prawn and crab and lobster and squid. But till then I shall hog πŸ˜€

Oh p.s- bargaining is so much fun!


Picture quality 0

First post in.

I am currently on the fligt to Bangkok. Oh yes, I am headed to a week + of family vacation time. And roaming around in the sun and sand and look super awesome and buy clothes and shoes and eat food and basically just go mad.

But before all of it could even start I was posed with this dilemma. If you have been a regular then you’d know how mug I like eating. Also, keeping mind that it is 2:40 am IST and I haven’t slept last night either.
Last night, my mother landed in India from Germany after a fortnight of a stay there on an exchange programme from school. I am sleepless and starved in ways more than one.

So I get in cozy with the blanket and eye mask, seat reclined and I was relaxed and almost asleep. And then, I smelled food. The cruel people brought out food. How was I supposed to sleep while others around me ate ‘non vegetarian Indian food’? I know that aeroplane food isn’t heaven but food is food. And food is food is food! And then I was hungry. So I had to take my eye mask out, reveal my warmed skin to the chilled AC to eat. Sigh, the troubles of a hungry mind.


And then I realised that I am above 18 and thus could ask for alcohol and was immediately perked. Haha.

Oh and it was super funny. Everyone is like me. The plane was quiet, except for the random baby-cry-squeal and as soon as the food was served the entire flight got busy. Packets being torn, forks clanking and then you know chomp chomp chomp…you get the drift.
Humans, I tell you.

I have a LONG day. Shopping and another flight laterbi shall be in Phuk-et.
Photographs shall be posted when and if possible (and decent enough :p)