I am a surprise

I was a wall of wings,
For every time you touched me
I’d break into a brilliance
That covered the horizon,
I’d break into a sky
Full of butterflies.

I was a guillotine of thoughts
For each time I was cut,
I’d flood the fields
That stretch beyond infinity
I’d flood the floor with
A thousand ideas.

I was an empty vessel
For each time you
Poured me out
With one strike,
I set the room alight
Like rum on fire,
Because empty I wasn’t,
I was gasoline.



One day, One morning, I want to wake up to a message or a phone call or a familiar face that makes my entire day go by happily…
“You’ve got the job”
“I love you”
“Let’s go on a road trip today”
“You’re the best doctor, ever!”
“Will you marry me?”
“I made you pancakes!”

Such small things have such a big impact on the short span of twenty four hours that makes our one day. One day and each a drop in the ocean called life (forgive the cliché)

Tu me manques. That’s one of those things where it means you’re missing from me, rather than I miss you.
Languages. 🙂

Small things.

This is what makes college happy!


These two idiots are my newest found loves and the wretched college remains bearable because of them. One makes me tear my hair off my head (the guy, obviously) and the other one is my sweetheart, my roomie. Today we had planned a surprise birthday outing for her and it was fun to see her expression change from horror to bewilderment to sheer joy. And then to see her face painted with chocolate cake! It was her first ever surprise birthday thingy and my first ever plan. So happy that it turned out well 🙂 -stay happy!