A Summer Sunday.

Lazy sundays are the best. I’m writing this as my roommate tries to sleep. We woke up quite early you know, around 8:40am. I made coffee for myself, drank that with two pieces of cake to eat. Bathed in warm water. Shampooed too. Cleaned my room a bit and then I opened my textbooks to write the notes of pending subjects. Called up my cousins in Udaipur on a whim. They’re in classes two and eight. Babies. Spoke to them for sometime. Felt like a child. Changed. Walked to the nearest bus stand with my roomie for a sunday lunch of bhaat, shukto, fulkopir torkari, alu bhaja and chaatni. Hogged. Felt so hot. Made a mental note to stop wearing an inner under clothes. That season has passed. Stopped for a paan enroute the bus stand. Came back in an empty bus. Was so sleepy in the bus, my feet felt funny. Tingly. Head was heavy. Reached home. Switched on the fan after months. Summer is back, spring stayed for two whole days this year! Changed into summer PJs. Crept under a blanket and clicked this picture of my roomie.

Such a relaxing time.

And now, it is time for me to sleep as well. 

Lazy Sunday 2

Boys, I tell you.

There is a college right beside my room in the place that I live in while attending college. Raj college. And it is blaring out songs at full volume because of its fest. And I can’t study. The thyroid isn’t half as interesting when a not-so-melodious singer sings remix Hindi songs. And my roommate is out, she’s watching her professor perform some surgery and the other flat mate is a boy, so expecting him to be a little considerate and be there with me while I get bored even after telling him so is useless because he is sleeping and because he is a boy.

Q: Are all boys like this?
A: Yes.
Q: Men too?
A: Yes!

Take any boy you know, however mature, they are irresponsible and irritating and sing weird un-tunely songs proclaiming themselves to be the king of the world. Sorry, I got carried away by the songs being played. But either way, boys live in a pseudointellectual world of their own where the world is all chilled out at relaxed and no work needs to be done in time. They have their own schedule and own timetable, completely ignorant of the other half of the world; females, and therefore oblivious to the harrassment we have to face simply because they decide something isn’t as important as the PS3.

All humans with penis are the same at the basic level. Some may understand more than the rest, some might care more than the others but the problems remain the same. The mature ones aren’t good looking. The handsome mature ones aren’t your age. The ones that are your age are short heighted. The tall ones are too tall and the absolutely perfect ones don’t exist. Well, some do but who cares cause they aren’t available in the first place.

Boys don’t know how to converse. They don’t know how to talk. Hell, they don’t even know language. Very few know how to write. And even fewer know how to interpret.

Bleh. I hate the songs that are playing and I am VERY irritated and I’m lashing out on men. No, they’re actually nice things and deserve to be treated with care and fed biscuits and patted from time to time. There essential to the human race and did I say I hate the songs?

I’m hating them more because I am alone and my roomie is a spoil sport sometimes and doesn’t dance with me when I want to. The party and the fun always happens when she is in the mood. I’m sure, when she comes back she’ll not be super enthusiastic about it when I ask her if we should get up on the bed and dance our killer moves. All she’ll say would be- ‘No I have to study cause sir will ask questions tomorrow’ and I will have to go to the other room so that she can study in peace and I’ll be technically alone again 😦
Only if she is in the mood to have fun, we have fun and I hate it. Urgh!

– crossed. tangled. whatever.


Yes I shall gloat because I want to. (okay no, more because this blog is mine and I can say what i wish to) And because I think I did well. I worked quite hard. I admit, I could have worked harder with respect to the ‘depth’ of knowledge of the subjects. But I did do well and that is what matters. I enjoy life, I have boyfriend(s), I have tried smoking, drinking and I’ve done most of the bad-girl stuff AND I managed good grades so I deserve a pat on my very sexy back. But then, why is it even called bad-girl stuff? Bad girls do worse, right?

Anyway, I did well and so did my other flatmate but my room-mate dint do as well as she thought she would/should and she is sad. I don’t like her being sad. And I’d like her to cheer up. What I really want is to shout into her ears that I STILL CARE and THIS ISNT THE END OF THE WORLD! But I wont do that. I’ll just be there with her, silently until she decided she is fine with it. i am a good friend, you see. (actually I am just scared that I’ll blurt out something insensitive that’ll hurt her even more so I’ll just stay out of her hair for a while, maybe more than a while) I just don’t want her bruised any further because I am socially awkward.

Okay, so back to gloating; I got above 75% in two subjects (out of the three theory papers that we have) and that is apparently really good. The year before this, like my previous batch, a senior got THREE honours, which is WOAH! but I’m happy with what I scored and I am super happy that my college has the least number of ‘fails’. 😀
Hmm, I wonder what I would get for good results. Parents, are you listening? Haha.
I have to go now, I’d love to sit and chat and boast but I’m getting an important call *wink wink*

-study much?

Why I wont miss second year.

I finished my final final viva exam. No, that isn’t a word repeat error. I actually gave my last final exam for the second year! and when i waltzed out of the conservative dentistry dept., I actually ran to the canteen and jumped in joy. and then I shouted out for my roomie (who was nowhere to be seen) and then I found her looking up patients (already) and we hugged while the bedazzled patient looked on at two girls hug in their aprons (or doctor coats, for the layman). That was a quiet a scene. We adjusted ourselves and controlled our joy, straightened our hair and gave the poor boy a prescription for his gingivitis. Well, we didn’t, our professor did but, oh well.

Anyway, that was that.
Second year is finally over and I will not miss it. I’ll tell you why and I read this somewhere. I am going to list the things that I will not miss about college (or second year, for that matter) and therefore fell happy. That is how the glass-half-full people look at life, right?

the people
The people in my college are not my kind of people. In case you have read some of my previous posts about college, I have made it insanely clear that I have exactly ONE good friend  (my roomie) and then there are two others who fit into the list of people I can like and the rest are nagging, self-proclaimed-know-it-alls who merely attend college because they happen to be in the same state as the building. State= the geographical state. Dont get me wrong, they are all nice people but just not the kind of people I would miss, since that is the whole point of this post.

the curriculum
The curriculum for the second year is vast. VAST. And I do not understand why the DCI doesn’t provide us with a concrete syllabus. There are so many hazy lines in the syllabus which are unclear and I, like the nerd-good-girl that i am, had to study everything. I can safely say that I know more pharmacology than at least 40 percent of the med students and that is no mean feat, given that the government increases the number of MBBS seats at the rate of cancer!

the city/town
So a few months back Dominos opened up a franchise in the B-town and it was more crowded than Calcutta pandals during the pujas. I mean, people it is only just pizza and not very good ones at that! I went in to my usual coffee place and ate donuts that day to defy the public trend and to prevent being killed in a minor stampede that occurred shortly after the first pizza was called out to a family of 5. Yes, grand mommy wanted pizza too 🙂
And that is probably the most happening place in the city/ town. There’s a pub too, but the DJ plays very sad songs which are remixed with bad beats. Impossible to dance. They do not make a mean screwdriver either. And I had fallen into a bowl of green chutney in there so I avoid going there out of embarrassment.

the fights
I have fought with, misunderstood, disagreed and lost touch with ALL the important people in my life. Be it my best friend or my boyfriend. This year has been way too exciting for me and I could do with some sort of balance. I am working on it. I have already got back two of them and I don’t really want the rest back so Yay! I will not miss the fights but I will miss the plotting and planning my roomie and I had done to sabotage her ex boyfriend’s new relationship. But then, we decided that we might have more fun feeding laxatives to the ones we hate and went with that. but then our conscience kicked in (angels, we are) and we did not do that even though we had a full bottle of Mag. Sulf. in our hands. We resorted to making fun of the drunk guy who proposed to her and clicked funny pictures of our other room-mate, which if leaked online will cause the poor soul to kill us.

the politics
No, the politically inclined have not left college. They still cheat in exams and get undue favours and think themselves to be the kings and queens of the world (how small is their world?!). Those of you who know me on Facebook might have read or even shared/liked a certain Open Letter that I had written (which was subsequently deleted by ‘people’). but I decided that my life is far above their dreams. Like, my reality is more cherry-on-the-cake than what their aspirations will ever be so why bother? I distanced myself from them and I refrain from acknowledging their presence in my life from this moment on. Also, I am scared that if I turn into Rani Lakshmi bai in front of them, they might just harm (read: rape) me or my roomie. Better safe than sorry, eh?

the studying without understanding
No further explainatino required in this one. We all do it, and you know why and how and all the details.


I know, this isn’t the fun and frolic post that I should probably make my BIG return with after my hiatus post exams. So yeah, here’s the fun part.

I am amazingly relieved that the wretched exams are over and I finally get to go into clinics and kill people. Muhahahaha. Okay, kidding. I am shit scared of the fact that i can just kill someone with a wrong or perhaps, a right diagnosis. I am surrounded by people with shallow aspirations and I need to breathe above the muck. and such dangerous thoughts help me. I am crazy, no? Haha.

Anyhoo, I am certified to touch your teeth now. So if you are prepared to let an under trained person do you, err, your teeth for a fraction of a cost, call me.

See my teeth? Ha.


Dont. Trust me. Dont call.


-tangled and joyous!

This is what makes college happy!


These two idiots are my newest found loves and the wretched college remains bearable because of them. One makes me tear my hair off my head (the guy, obviously) and the other one is my sweetheart, my roomie. Today we had planned a surprise birthday outing for her and it was fun to see her expression change from horror to bewilderment to sheer joy. And then to see her face painted with chocolate cake! It was her first ever surprise birthday thingy and my first ever plan. So happy that it turned out well 🙂 -stay happy!


Unexpectedly good days!

I’ve successfully given two of the three exams! And good news, they end on 21st which means ONE full week of vacation without mommy at home. Yabadabadooooooooo! Although I wont do nothing wrong, but still this feeling is unparalleled. To celebrate this achievement of freedom from 3 whole subjects for a few weeks atleast, my roomates and I went out to watch Ishaqzaade.
Oh, review? I’ll tell you the story in a few words- slap, marry, sex, revenge, dead mom, political rivalry with hindu-musalman spats, apology, marry (again), sex (again), love, kill each other. Story is bleh. Parineeti Chopra is mind blowing. Arjun Kapoor is oh well, I hated his character so I guess his aim to portrat a sick jerk paid off too. I like the title track and that’s about it. I want to watch Ek Tha Tiger nowwwwww!

After the movie, a tub of popcorn and a glass of Georgia cold coffee later, we realised we hadn’t catered for dinner so we headed for our favourite Roll shop. Trust me, there is no better Roll place than Calcutta (or burdwan okayfineiknow). And there, I saw this family, hindi speaking, fairer than the average bong and strangely exuding Army vibes. The lady was asking for a sweet shop to taste ‘mishti doi’ and I, being the ever helpful and ever talkative soul that I am, dove in to guide them to my favourite mithai joint in Burdwan. And then, I asked- where are you from? And out came the response I love to hear- We’re from Pune and uncle here, is posted in Burdwan. And I went Woooooooah! Army people! Yay yay!
You would not understand the kin-ship I felt and the feeling of oneness and belongingness that I had in me while talking to them. With us army people, it’s like everyone knows everyone and everyone has this unique bond to the ONE soul institution- NDA. Within minutes, we were talking about Pune and Khadakwasla and NDA and when Dad was commissioned, when uncle was commissioned, where their son is studying, what aunty does. We even found a mutual friend in the NCC, jadavpur branch and life was suddenly good again. I realised that no matter what, no matter where I go, what I do, how I end up..this tag, this label is something that I would bear proudly and this tag will make me feel at home at all costs. Noone will understand the feeling of walking into an Army Officer’s Institute in any part of the country and knowing that you shall be treated with utmost care. Fort William, while I wait there every weekend for my car, still makes me smile. There is something special about being involved with the ‘fauj’ and being a fauji ‘beti’. Only in there will I be known as Bhatta!

And while walking back, I was explaining all of this to my roomie. Trying to make her understand maybe t percent of what I was feeling- the joy and elation of knowing that there is a CSD, the happiness to know that an ‘uncle’ is around and is bound by responsibility to take care of me during distress. Ah! Inexplicable to those unaware of the Army Life :’)
I happened to mention one of my friends of long ago studying in the IMA, Dehradun to be a fauji. Lets call him a ‘Noun’. And while eating the Rolls that we got packed, my phone rang with an unknown number. The man on the other side said that apparently, my phone number had been scratched on a seat of some bus with my name..some crap. I thanked him for informing me and hung up. 10 minutes later, another unknown number. I picked up the phone, hesitantly, ab kya ho gaya? On the other side was a guy, decent voice, english speaking and did I mention decent? That kept me from hanging up. He asked me to ‘guess’ who he is. Annnnnnnnd guess what!!?? NOUN had called.

Noun! After almost 5 years. I spoke about him TODAY. To my roomie. And TODAY itself he called! Wowowowowowow! And we spoke and caught up. And we pulled each other’s legs and joked. And exchanged phone numbers. Life was good, again.

And incidents like these, moments like these make me go on. It’s wonderful, the life army has given me. It’s amazing, the number of friends and ‘nouns’ I have met because of my dad’s profession. I salute these men. And I am so so happy to be a part of this.

-sometimes, life just untangles itself for you. ❤