All things trul…

All things truly wicked start from an innocence.

-Ernest Hemingway ❤


I’m not a communist, or a capitalist. I’m more of a leave-me-the-hell-alone-ist.

Fanaticism is the opposite of love. A wise man once told me– he’s a Muslim, by the way– that he has more in common with a rational, reasonable-minded Jew than he does with a fanatic from his own religion. He has more in common with a rational, reasonable- minded Christian or Buddhist or Hindu than he does with a fanatic from his own religion. In fact, he has more in common with an atheist than he does with a fanatic from his own religion.

I agree with him, and I feel the same way. I also agree with Winston Churchill, who once defined a fanatic as-
Someone who won’t change his mind and can’t change the subject.

This is an excerpt from Shantaram, by Gregory David Roberts. The quote struck as something very relevant in the global happenings. If only everyone agreed with it and thought similarly, the world would be a better place.

If you’re happy and you know it…


This is going to short and crisp.
You deserve to be told you’re loved. I am. And I’ve been told so. Right now, 18th October ’12. AND I AM SO FRIKKIN’ HAPPY, it isn’t even funny!

I don’t know where this is headed. I don’t know how or why or even since when and the ambiguity is what makes it all the more enchanting. For once, I am happy in not knowing and just taking each day as it comes and each phase as it passes. I’ve been through squabbles as siblings to sobbing like children and giggling like a girl who’s smitten. I’ve breezed through mush and written poems and even fought like I mean it. And I am still happy, which is like a life time achievement.

I’m in the top of the world la la la laaa.


P.s- photo courtesy thebettermanprojects.

-stay loved and entangle with some one 😛

Memoirs of a Memory with a Song.

Don’t you just detest it when a perfectly brilliant song is ruined because some jack-ass halfway around the globe decided to make a memory with you precisely when that song was playing and then BAM! three months later he isn’t there and the perfectly brilliant song is pooped. Yknow, there are categories of songs- the mediocre, the good and then, there are the brilliant.

The mediocre are the ones which find their way into your playlist because
– someone gave them to you via bluetooth
-a dude shared his playlist with you to get you to listen to grunge rock
-a break up
-by mistake
-really sad sitcoms which make you think ‘wow that song is brilliant’ and then you download it and listen to it on repeat for 567 hours and then, by the end of it you are ready to puke.
-initially a brilliant track which slips to the mediocre because of *surprise surprise* the MEMORIES.

The good ones are good primarily because they are cult classics, I mean, Pink Floyd will never become mediocre because a d-bag decided to ruin it for you. NO! You always come back to life after Pink Floyd, literally. And then is John Mayer and Coldplay and ABBA (and ronan keating). And Death Cab For Cutie (at least some of their songs. I don’t know why they decided to sing for Twilight- the Meet me on the equinox). Some songs never die. I mean, yeah whatever some guy might ruin one or two of those ‘classic’ songs but forgive them. They know not what it means to dance to ‘I will follow you into the dark’. Word of advice, limit these classics to those you know will NOT let you down. Ever. EVER. Like best friends or parents or children. That way, no one can ruin good songs for you. 🙂

^that is a really cute rendition of I Have A Dream, ABBA. Watch it :’)

Then come the brilliant ones. These are comprised mainly by The biggies themselves, each of us have our personal favourites and I wont name mine but you would which songs figure in your list of brilliant, wouldn’t you? The ones which you always listen to, anytime all the time. Like I could listen to Fix You for-evvvver and never get tired of it and I would not let anyone ruin that song for me. No one is allowed to dedicate it to me. No one is allowed to expect it from me. This is MY song. and will remain so because it is too precious for me. The words are too personal. If this song is dedicated to me by someone I love and then he breaks my heart (or whatever) then these very words will prick me and make me bleed. So I wont let anyone burst my bubble. And if you really love me, you wont dedicate this to me.
You could, however, dedicate a ‘Baara maheene mein baara tareeko se’ to me because that song is already hopeless. It means all that you want a love song to and then too it doesn’t stand a chance of getting ruined with a memory because the song already is at the lowest level of music. Seriously. LOWEST.

^Don’t watch this if you aren’t ‘READY’

Now, it isn’t just sad memories that attach themselves to songs. there are songs to which you have joys and birthdays related to. There are songs which make you smile no matter what. there are those songs to which you danced on your first night stay or the song you sang to your BFF after the epic fight or a song you dedicated to your mom on mother’s day. Some songs become good from the mediocre scale because of the memories so never underestimate those underdogs, you!

^Like this one, that I’d love to sing- fights or no fights, we are stuck with each other Pie. Oh, Happy Birthday! 😀

But getting back to the sad stuff (because sad things always appeal more, sadists we are),
I missed out one more category of songs. they are the happy songs which mean nothing. Or sad ones, the blues, which say absolutely nothing to you. Yknow, the kind to which you were introduced to because someone dedicated them to you. The conversation goes like:
Random person who knows you- ‘Hey, this is a nice song and I, in my right senses dedicate this absolutely nonchalant piece of music to you!’
You- ‘Oh, alright gracious man/woman/person, I shall listen to it right away’
And then you and that person become really good friends, lovers, pals, siblings, online facebook open relationship partners, whatever, and slowly you drift away BUT the song still remains on your iPod/Walkman/Really awesome phone like SGIII. And while you’re on a long journey the song begins to play and you remember that friendship (or affair) and just…smile. No bitterness, no joy either but just a memory that does not affect your emotion.
Like, right now, I am listening to ‘Addicted’ by Enrique. No, don’t judge me it is a really nice song okay, whatever. And  this song has become rotten by all the so-called dedication but still it has managed to remain on my playlist and I have no memory associated with it whatsoever. None!

So, lesson to be learnt is just one:

Nothing fixes a thing so intensely in the memory as the wish to forget it.

Don’t fight the memories and don’t fight the world from making them for you. If some guy, in his mushy weakness dedicates ‘Perfect two’ by Auburn to you, just smile and listen to the song. And then, remember the song. Memories are a part of life. We wouldn’t stay up at night if it wasnt for those wretched memories and future-planning. Happy or sad, songs and memories are intricate and you can’t argue over the fact that a little bit of heartache makes the songs even more beautiful, ’cause lets face it- even though you categorise them as mediocre because of the sourness attached to them, they are still there on your playlist, aren’t they?

Let life play itself out. 🙂

A final treat for you-


Dude, we ARE free! So, Happy Independence Day.

15th August was India’s Independence day and I came across at least 7 (i did not count) posts asking if we are ‘actually‘ free. Every one questioned the existence of freedom in the true sense of the word. So, I googled the word and tried to answer (and justify) to myself that India, is in fact free and carries forth this message across to her inhabitants.
According to the Oxford dictionary, freedom is defined as the following:

  • the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants
  • the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved
  • (freedom from) the state of not being subject to or affected by (something undesirable)
  • archaic familiarity or openness in speech or behaviour

The country deserves to be respected for what has been tried. 65 years is young. I agree that we have a long, long way to go, but India, has provided for a lot of what we enjoy. We know how badly rotten the system gets in here because we ‘know‘ it. How many of us actually, truly, diligently follow world news? Unless there is a major scam or err, the Olympics, do we really care about how China, or USA are faring? No. Not until our money is involved in the economic meltdown that happened a few years ago. No. Not until our children were working in their nations and got laid-off.

So, no. It is not fair to compare the ‘freedom’ in our nation to that in theirs. A parent shouldn’t compare two siblings because however similar they are genetically, they are each different. Similarly, every country has its history and its unique set of issues and problems.
The American constitution was written in the year 1787 and they have the advantage of more than a century (i suck at math) to themselves!
So quit comparing ‘how fast the internet is’ in the two countries to judge how free WE are.
The political issues there are not even close to the number of issues we have, point noted. The number of political parties which actively participate are TWO. Just two. The number of people in the House are lesser. Whereas, in India, there are this many parties. I could not fit all the parties in ONE screenshot, so you can do the math without me having to actually go through the mammoth task of counting them out for you. I also agree, that this volume is no excuse to be corrupt. Of course it isn’t. Nothing can be an excuse to be corrupt and gobble the money paid by the citizens as taxes. But it also doesn’t state that we are un-free. We are! If this isn’t freedom then what is? If you have a cause, make your party and stand for it, contest elections, win and then, change the nation.

source: wiki

As for the corruption that everyone is SO constipated about. Don’t blame freedom for corruption. If people are dishonest and have questionable morals then what role does freedom has to play in it? It is our sad luck that we are taught the art of bribing. I see many of my friends bribe police officials to get out of traffic hassles and then I see the same friends write status updates on Facebook regarding the Anna hazare issue and voicing how strongly they feel about (or against) corruption. The change has to come from within. You cannot keep asking the same and incorrect questions year after year. Ask if this nation is honest, and there will be an answer in the negative, because ‘honestly’, no one is honest. Not in india and not abroad.
So if your quest is to live in a world free of dishonesty, cheating and liars then you my friend, desire a utopic world, cuz let’s be sensible and understand that this world is not going to happen. WHY? Because there is always a person who will cheat and lie and that ruins the entire cycle of honesty.

And then, let me come to the whole ‘rape’ ‘murder’ and crime point of freedom. According to statistics, 1 in 200 women in the United Kingdom have been raped at some point in their life. Remember, the population in India is far higher than out there, so the number WILL be higher. What is wrong in this country is the Justice system, which is slow. There, because of whatever reasons (efficient jurisdiction and laws?!) the processing seems to be quicker. I’ll need my lawyer friends to guide me through this, so I shall refrain from commenting on this further.
Now I stressed on the word ‘seem’ because I don’t know how fast or quick it really is. It is quicker than ours, especially if we take Kasab’s example! Again, women are allowed to wear what they want and wander on the streets when they want. What we need ‘freedom’ from is the constant fear of being raped. The solution to this problem is NOT running away to a foreign country and pretend like we have gotten away from everything that was possibly ‘wrong’. Men are there everywhere and so is crime. Face it. The chances may reduce but never diminish to an absolute zero. Click here to see how many women feel something similar to, or are actually raped every year in different countries. What needs to change is HOW we think. What needs to change is actually, a lot. But why question freedom?

I recently read an article about how a Hindu family was split in two fractions because their house was exactly at the Indo-Bangladesh border. And no, they were not allowed to stay together in the same nation. Most of the family which was in the West-Bengal region of the house slowly joined into the state. After 65 years, when the grandson went to visit his ‘siblings across the border’, he was astonished to find that they had all converted to Islam as they found it increasingly difficult to live in Bangladesh as hindus. Aside from Shiv Sena’s example in Maharashtra (which was highly criticised as it is), I haven’t heard of any such personal event of forced change of religion. If anything, the minority is placed at a pedestal in India, with all the reservations they get. I don’t wish to get into any of the debate encircling this topic, but hey they’re free here aren’t they?

[On a side note: As far as education abroad goes, yes the universities in certain countries feature in the world’s best whereas ours don’t even feature in the top 200. Agreed. But tell someone from Harvard that you’re from a university in India and they will look at you with an admiration that will make you glow. Trust me, because I have felt it myself.]

I have only touched upon some very basic and fundamental topics here. My aim was merely to tell all my extremely educated friends that questioning isn’t the way out of everything. I know, that joining the politics isn’t possible for everyone (it is not for me) and neither is changing the country possible single-handedly. Yes, maybe the roads abroad are cleaner, but by abroad do you mean just the USA and UK or do you also count Ethiopia as abroad? It is narrow, the way we think. India may not be as good as ‘them’ but we aren’t half as bad either. Give this lady a chance before you run off to a foreign nation on your folks’ money and earn in dollars. She will surprise you. Also, I request you to change your parameters of judgement. Don’t compare freedom by the success that we’ve achieved. Freedom is different. Freedom is when you’re allowed to be who you are and feel what you feel and say what you want to.
What everyone is asking for (non-spittable roads, non-urinated sidewalks, clean government and you-know-the-drift) requires a dictatorship and then, we’ll see how many want the ‘freedom’ back. Aha.

The biggest test of freedom is in the freedom to criticise

So is India free? Yes.
Are we free? Yes.

Don’t stop questioning. Just change your questions and strive for what YOU can do.

-love, stay tangled.

Happy Independence Day!


Things don’t fall apart. Things hold. Lines connect in thin ways that last and last and lives become generations made out of pictures and words just kept.  -Lucille Clifton

I cannot pretend to feel impartial about colours. I rejoice with the brilliant ones and am genuinely sorry for the poor browns.  -Sir Winston Churchill

Love the moment, and the energy of that moment will spread beyond all boundaries.  -Corita Kent

Eternal nothingness is fine if you happen to be dressed for it.  -Woody Allen

To obtain a man’s opinion of you, make him mad.  -Oliver Wendell Holmes

…the safest course is to do nothing against one’s conscience. With this secret, we can enjoy life and have no fear from death.  -Voltaire

The lamenting heartbreaks- for what?

I’m the insomniac and I’m disgustedly sleepy- BUT I have to get this out of my head.
Why in the world DO we ever like-like someone. You know, the eye-fluttering, Oh My Gosh he/she’s cute routine that all of us are so eager to jump off into?

It’s bull shit. Crap. Suicide.
The number of hours we simply waste day dreaming about him (I shall write ‘him’, you suit yourself) when we KNOW he wont like us back. Screw him, go invent a space ship or even better, play Counterstrike or something.
Fact remains, he’s not yours. he belong to that blimey-eyed-doll-faced chick wearing next-to-nothing. He’ll not like you when you like him. No. That is just simply against the laws of boy-hood. Silicon draws ’em more than sweet talk, I guess.

“Jo bhagwan hume naihn de saka, woh hume Doctor de sakta hai”

 And trust me, it sucks to know that you’ll always be Just Friends. Damn you, idiot. I don’t want to be your ‘just freind’. I am ‘just friends’ with girls thankyouverymuch.
Go, drown in your pool of porn.

Boys, I tell you are freaks in there own way, but then why do we still love them and kill ourselves over them- him to be particular. I am just so annoyed. Ugh! I am blabbering. I just hate the fact that I drool over a guy who’s so cute and adorable but so stoned. Not stoned as in doped,
 stoned as in- no emotions.

See, I’m losing my sleep all over again. At first ‘cuz ‘I’ liked him. and now ‘cuz ‘he’ doesn’t like me. Teenage! God’s cruel in His/Her own ways. 
We’re all so bundled up with studies and then added to it the Hormones.
Girls, specifically have a glorious few days to smile about every month (thank you God, again- you rock 😐 ). Then you have all these conflicts with your parents, the relatives with the ‘Oh, tum kitni badi/ lambi/ patli/ sundar ho gayi ho song, the friends who text you incessantly and you just HAVE to reply… Sigh.

Then add the cherry on top of the cake; love with a rolling ‘rrrrr’. Lurrrve.
We draw, sing, write, dream, doodle, drool and did i say dream? Dream about
a) how it would be if he really does like you
                                           b) the proposal
                                      c) the kids.

Yes, omg. I know girls, friends (even boys dream) about kids right down 
to the gender and eye colour! Say that to your X chromosome now.

But still we have Dabangg  heart-on-sunglasses type expressions when we see him. It’s like the best feeling in the world when he touches you by mistake, when his fingers brush yours while he hands over his pen to you, it’s disarmingly adorable when he hugs you to say goodbye, when you’re jealous because your Friends tease him with some other girl, 
when you look into his eyes and time freezes.

We’re suckers for romance when it comes down to all the good stuff. But what about the nasty side of it? When his touch was just a touch, when his fingers brushing yours was a coincidence, when his hug to you was a hug amongst mannnny others, when he actually DID like that other girl (bitch) instead of you, when he stared at you only cuz you have funny hair that time and time only froze cuz the AC was on 16.

Yeah, i know, horrible, isn’t it? and I’ve been through it way too many times now (at least for me). And I’m scared to like people now. I’m scared that I’ll be turned down every single time and that finally my name will end up in the Times Matrimonial column with an Alliance Requested line written underneath. :O

I want love too. And I want the boy to be man enough to admit his love. 
Love, not a boyfriend- I want love. 
I want this life where heart breaks are as impossible as stars in a city sky. 
I want want want. 
I need.

‘As I kick you in your behind’

The Cup of Alone

This is poem is about two best friends. A boy and a girl. 
The girl is very successful in life- with a lot of material pleasure, fame and fortune. 
The boy, however, is not successful professionally, but is doing something that he likes, is passionate about. 
Being a best friend, he can’t be upset or even jealous of the other’s success. 
They’re far away from each other, yet together… and this is the emotional expression 
of the guilt related to jealousy and how this emotion needs to be concealed for them to be friends, forever…

I sit at a distance, brewing in the togetherness of alone.

Bubbling with the guarantee of my destiny unknown.
While you stand and stare at your blissful solitude.

I savour in the bitterness of fame and fortune.
Burnt in the pain of accepting doom.
While you recollect the sweet taste of luck.

A drop of sun peels into my tea, some light!
Photograph memories flashback to my mind.
While both you and I look at the same night sky, the same moon.

There were days of surprises, each with Life as its gift.
I’m still planning on something, just look out for it.
While you and I sit back and breathe, together, a thousand breaths away.

There were nights with a hundred conversations, each with a dream anew.
I’m still there, right beside you.
While we smile at the same thoughts, a thousand dreams away.

I look into my browned reflection and choke a tear.
Scattered, lie, the pages of fate and fear.
While you toast to pride and life itself.

Clouds reassemble in my backyard before being gone.
I sip a broken sorrow from the cup of togetherness, alone.
While you and I live on the same earth, under the vast sky,
With the same hope of togetherness.