Summer happiness.

I haven’t felt this exuberant
In months,  perhaps years!

Like a child holding on
To a helium filled balloon
In one hand,
Against a bright blue sky
On a fine summer morning.
With a dollop of ice cream
Of his favourite flavour-
Chocolate chips and orange
In his other hand,
Melting onto his shirt.

Like his baby sister,
Who claps her hand
And cackles loudly
Whilst her tiny palms
Clap louder and louder
And she keeps doing it
Because she enjoys
The sound, and
For no other reason
Than just that.

Like their lovely mother who
Sits on the grass
And looks at her children
Who so effortlessly remind her
Of how beautiful life can be
And how simple it really is.
For, to be happy
All you need is
A little ice cream,
Some clapping,
And a balloon that makes you
Look up to the sky
Against the sun,
On a warm summer morning
With the people who love you
More than you could possibly love

Been a long time

It’s been a long time since I wrote something..anything. I haven’t been inspired enough to write something that would be worth reading. I had a lot of things in mind but nothing that made me go ‘wow I need to blog this’.
Anyway, I have been reading Shantaram all this while. The book isn’t the regular philosophy kind, yet it is filled with nuances that make you read that page again to grasp the actual meaning. The kind that makes you keep the book down and think. And I fall in love with this books.


An excerpt.

There was one chapter that dealt primarily with the coming together of things. In it, one of the author’s mentors explained to him, the secret of the universe. The universe it seems, is made up of stars and stardust and particles from the galaxy, and every step and everything we do moves towards a more complex system. Human beings began as simple, single celled amoeba and now, we are as complex as we can get. But as time passes we step towards becoming complex. This is known as a universal complexity. There is even a law in Hemistey which states the same. The world never simplifies when two things come together; it always becomes more complex and twisted.

And this got me thinkong about this one person who is coming to meet me all the way from another state. This person, maybe my best friend or maybe my boyfriend..could be my father or my aunt, but the coming together of two individuals and us meeting each other coud only lead to complexity. Is this a venom? Does it make everything more difficult or is the meeting essential? Questions kept swarming my tiny yet over worked brain while I slept and I reached a conclusion. I’ll get to that in a bit but before I do, I need you to understand why I had this dilemma.

Everytime someone prepares to come down to meet me, we both get excited and jump up and down with joy; deciding where to go and what to do. But as the date of arrival gets closer and closer, I panic. So do they. There is actually nothing much to do. And there is only so much we can talk about..and then I feel it is worthless. Them coming here would be a disappointment and I begin feeling pangs of anxiety. With it, I begin doubting the entire decision of their arrival. What I fail to understand is that they’re not coming to DO things but to MEET me. This happens regardless of who is coming over to meet me, but met so for my friends.

The conclusion? Well, the coming together and the coalescing is essential for the world to move forward. The most that could happen after an amalgamation would be a fall out between us and even that is a step forward, in the long run. Everything that does occur takes you towards a final goal or destination- be it love or hate. Love takes a more peaceful, pleasant and flowery road whereas hatred take a road that is longer and full of obstacles.

Take love. Be optimistic. Because being able to coalesce with someone else is in itself a giant leap forward..towards a zenith that is the universal complexity, a goal that we are all headed towards irrespective of the changes we take and the mistakes we make, we have to tet there. So might as well do all that we can, while we can!


-stay tangled.

This is what makes college happy!


These two idiots are my newest found loves and the wretched college remains bearable because of them. One makes me tear my hair off my head (the guy, obviously) and the other one is my sweetheart, my roomie. Today we had planned a surprise birthday outing for her and it was fun to see her expression change from horror to bewilderment to sheer joy. And then to see her face painted with chocolate cake! It was her first ever surprise birthday thingy and my first ever plan. So happy that it turned out well 🙂 -stay happy!