It was the festival of lights, many years ago. Then, in somewhere in time, whe I was a gawky teenager, diwali had turned into a monstrous shadow of what it was supposed to be. It zip-zap-zoomed from being the beautiful day of lights to a cough-full, noisy day of really loud decibled crackers. And you know what amazes me the most? It is how all the semi-clad females on the cracker cardboards have not changed ever since I first saw them. They all resemble ladies from right out of a circus; green bikini thingies with Alcazar like beads, and always SO happy, I doubt that they have all been tripping (shhh)!

I don’t enjoy this festival- partly because I dont believe in the absurd idea of bursting crackers just for the heck of it, and partly because I sneeze the hell out of my brain when I’m around that much of smoke. I am like a frikkin’ choo-choo train on steroids for sneezes. Either way, I never let the opportunity to dress up pass:

The Salwar Kameez

The Salwar Kameez

The Salwar Kameez II

The Salwar Kameez II

Anyway, I hope you all had a fun day. I did. Despite a small spat with a friend, I managed to have two days of good productive twenty-four * two hours. I did some work on my Paper presentation which is due this month, clicked tonnes of photographs and I am going to meet the best friend tomorrow! ^_^

Exhibit 'A'

Exhibit ‘A’ of photography skills

– de tangled today!


A few weeks ago, I stepped out of my teens and entered the much-advertised 20s. Sounds incredulous! *imagine hands thrown out* Finally in the twenties, finally, the decade that shapes my life, finally life, finally this, finally ALL!
And what did I do to celebrate this life changing day? Nothing, nothing at all. I removed the details from Facebook, closed my wall, asked my BFF not to post mush and I was all set to have a no-show birthday. But then, a few people called and then some more did. And some of those who weren’t even in the expectation-list called and I was pleasantly surprised. I know, my birthday wasn’t a river of booze or a plethora of cakes and gifts, but it was what I wanted and I was more than okay with what I got.


The family and my new Haircut!

Frankly, 20 is not much different than 19. I got a new haircut (chopped off more than half of it). Bought a solitaire ring with mamma. Went for dinner with the grandparents and met a dear ol’ friend. My cousins are here, with me and the entire family looks so happy.

We had to buy two cakes, the younger one also wanted to celebrate her ‘Happy Birthday’, though the original date for hers is in October! Kids, they make you laugh!

To a new decade and hopefully, wiser choices, better words and more memories.

Living life like a boss. And CAKES!

Whenever I feel lazy to type in a blog entry, I start hyper ventilating. I keep saying to myself (while I procrastinate)- ‘OMG, Sweta, this is it, this is going to be the last time you try to write something and your blog will slowly decay into oblivion and no-one will care’. I start thinking of topics. Every thing, even ants and dust seem to motivate me to write but nothing is ever good enough. I know, some of you do read my blog regularly (have i ever thanked you enough?) and some don’t (why, WHY?) but will it matter if I stop writing?

Now this is not a quest for fishing compliments. I am only just being honest. I would miss a blog if it dies (given that I like it already and it is awesome and its death is untimely). I love the blogs I follow and I read them regularly. I am like this dog that returns to its place of worship but then, there are days where I just don’t feel inspired enough to write something substantial. I mean, hello? I have a standard to keep here! So days go by before I write something for the blog and by that time the stats fall down to a trickle. Shaa, what a waste huh?

Anyway, so what i was saying was that every time I decide that ‘that, that post was IT and my blog will definitely die NOW’, I get a new follower or a new like or a new comment. Something positive always happens and I get all bubbly and bouncy about it. I feel like a little girl on a sugar rush and my fingers automatically type in a new post. 😀

So here’s one for today-
I have been on vacation. post-exams I have nothing to do but laze around, surf the internet, watch TV, watch movies (i recently watched Casablanca, An accidental husband, Autumn in New York, Lost in Translation and Barfi :D), watch House and catch up on Gossip Girl. Oh, and blog. And Read!  It being international book week and all, I decided to buy one of the International best sellers. I am currently reading Shantaram. I am loving it till now and I am only on the 30th page. Shantaram is also my mum’s gift to me on Daughter’s Day! (thank you ma!)

Thats what I did last night- Some old wine, a new book, and chocolates. 😀

My mother’s going on an exchange programme to Germany as a teacher representative and India being a tropical country, we were short on the required woollens so she and I went shopping. She bought her stuff while I looked around the clothes and wandered into Crossword and then, I got stuck. All the books literally stared back at me so I went through some of them (Catcher in the Rye, What Young India Wants, etc) and then decided to buy a book instead of buying clothes. And the moment in which I made that decision, I felt so happy and grown up. I felt like I was buying something that was for life. And so, I am now a proud owner of Shantaram, by Gregory David Roberts. And then mum and I went to a cake shop and I ate a big slice each, of  Blueberry cheese cake and Chocolate Truffle Cake. And then I was bloated. And then we went out decided against having Puchka. We ate Puchka nonetheless and happily trotted back home.


Double yumm.

I read the first page of the book out loud (because it was that good) while mamma tried on her new acquisitions. Oh, and she recently purchased a saree for herself which I wore as well, yknow, just to try it on and my god did I look awesome or whaaa? 😛

India, Incredible India?

Life has become and endless session of TV-Internet-Shopping and phone calls and I am not complaining. College reopens on 1st and holidays (for Durga puja) begin soon after so yes, I am living life right the way I want to!

-Enjoy and don’t detangle!