Romance novels are birthday cake and life is often peanut butter and jelly. I think everyone should have lots of delicious novels, romance or otherwise, lying around for those times when the peanut butter of life gets stuck to the roof of your mouth.

This month, you are my cake and my peanut butter- what are the odds?

Here’s to reading to you as the last rays of a late afternoon flit through from under the curtains in your living room; the light gleaming off my fingers like honey- a tablespoon of it mixed in warm water every morning before breakfast and right after kissing you. Lemony lines cast rhomboid bar-codes on your floor, as I rest my head on your shoulders and sound alphabets that somehow string together to make words as beautiful as incandescent, ethereal, as beautiful your name. In the years that you weren’t there with me, I found photography. Sunlight lent such a softening edge to the world. It drenched everything in a warmish glow. With time, I mastered the art of not squinting when the sun shined directly in my eye. The trick is to stare long enough for your pupils to constrict so that you don’t tear up. So when you walked into my life again, against the sunlight and in your silhouetted glory, I knew how special this photograph would be. Time suspends itself when I am with you like dust particles against light. I notice and realise that the alternating light and dark lines of illumination on the floor of your room are only changing shape because the Earth, unlike time, hasn’t stop moving- just like my world; which has been spinning ever since we met for the first time several birthdays ago. You came into my life like the light streaming in through your windows that windy afternoon- a flamboyant guest, not waiting for an invitation- making itself welcome in a house that it is far too comfortable with. Like routine, the light scans for changes around the room and finds your familiar skin. Your chest moving up and down, with a rhythm that was immortalised in its memory. As it traced the edges around your shoulders the light reflected off my hair. Something different- this isn’t how she remembers you- and almost like a jealous lover, she hid behind the curtain for a while gauging my affection and earnestness for you. After a few minutes, a breeze billowed the curtain away from the window and coaxed Light in to your room again. A couple pigeons flew out. The ruffled noise of their wings made you stir as I turned to the next page. The light caressed my body like oil on water- touching but never mixing. It tip toed around you, careful not to let you in on the secret of the warmth that was radiating from within my body, careful to not make you aware of how I was taking her rightful place. You turned around to kiss me on my forehead and in that moment, time was infinite and the light, insignificant. I love you. How I wish that sentence would be a grammatically correct palindrome.

Happy Birthday, my love. I look forward to afternoons which last a lifetime and a life that is filled with lightness, dreams, fruit cream and blueberry discoveries.

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A wishlist.

For some reason, I know it won’t be a surprise laden one, or one with many gifts (my 16th wins that race), or even one to be entirely celebratory, given that I may have to actually attend college and work. Against all odds, I’m still excited about my birthday (first one where I’m an earning member of the fam!)

I want a lot of things that I can buy for myself, but I won’t. Here’s a list.

1. A calligraphy pen with at least three ink shades and some calligraphy paper
2. A bunch of tulips
3. A CD set with the best retro and hindi songs of the years gone by
4. A bottle of Tuscan wine
5. A box of Nail paint with all the colours, not from a cheap company pliss
6. Lang Leav books
7. My toe nail (this a joke few will get, the rest aren’t jokes)

This is more of a list than wishes. Ciao.

Lots of love and kisses to the virtual people.



I am terribly sleepy and have academics to catch up with. I have three books to read at the same time and I am failing at it miserably. I am watching Prison Break at an alarming speed, given that I have said academics to deal with. Wentworth Miller is such a heart throb, OH MY DOG!

I’ve downloaded almost all the Oscar nominations for this year, God bless me, for I have sinned? Online piracy and all that.
Apparently, they check your illegal download history if you apply for a job at the CIA. Well, there goes one employment opportunity… One more, I should say.

My birthday went off sailingly. Being twenty-one is the same as being twenty, I must say. SO much hoo-cha-cha for a days worth of a difference! I got a lot of gifts though, and hugs. The friends from college were bitches, other than a few of them. (I have cribbed about the toxicity of college in several previous posts, so I shan’t tarnish the randomness of this one by delving into details) and the friends from school were the exact opposite of bitches; they were darlings. Family love was duly showered upon me, with adequately excessive doses of affection and adulation.


‘Nuf for now.


Birthday Wishlist!

Most of you don’t know me and even if you do know me, you don’t give two hoots about it, and even if you give two hoots about it you are confused.
“It” ? Oh, just my birthday.
So, I am just going to be shameless and unladylike and publically list a set of things I would appreciate as birthday gifts, which by the way is this week. I will start of unrealistically, but wait for it to get to what’s actually feasible (read: your budget). I’m sure you’ll find something 😛

1. A car.
Any car. That can be driven and can take a pounding yet save my life. And be zippy.

2. An Omega watch.
But that’s something I want to gift to myself when I can afford it, which lets face it isn’t happening before I turn thirty cause I chose a brilliant profession of dentistry that wont allow me to start earning mych before that. Hmm.

3. A Victoria’s Secret perfume called Very Sexy Hot.
No seriously, that IS the name and it is available on ebay.com! Woot. (Budget alarm)

4. A gift voucher to Michael Kors.
There’s this new mall with all these brands in my city and I am highly unaware of these things, but they say this brand is the shizz. I want the shizz. And, bags? Something all women need just one of, but have a lot more.

5. An unending supply of pens/ stationary .Linc Ocean gels will do as well. I seem to be running out of pens like a man on diarrhoea runs out of poo. In hindsight, that was a terrible analogy.

6. A full body massage coupon along with a manicure and pedicure.
Cause who doesn’t like their toes being fiddled with? Ha.

7. A Samsung Galaxy S3 screenguard that has a matte finish.
They are just so cool. I saw them on my friend’s S3 and there were no fingerprints on it! Oh My Dog, humans can invent almost anything!

8. Bose noise cancelling ear phones.
I was supposed to get them a few months back but that obviously didn’t happen cause why else would I be asking for another one? They’re so darn expensive. Id have to physically make sure there’s no ear wax before I put them in!
9. A bunch of lilies.
White, yellow, red, pink, lavendender. All colours, please. (Best friend, take note. You could send me this cause I know you’re utterly confused. Scoot!)

10. Birthday blessings and hugs and kisses and prayers and just all in all, hope that I can get through and out of my final year of Graduate education with colours flying out of a Unicorn’s behind! See, this definitely fits everyone’s pockets haha! You cheapass people that I love :*
I love everything else as well. (not so much) Not high maintenance at all, you see?


P.s: and Humankind. Be both. Y


Stay tangled.

Annnnd here it comes!

T-H-I-R-T-Y minutes to being 19 and I’m online.

I feel pathetic but elated. Is that even possible? :S

I feel loved and overjoyed too.
I feel ME. I feel happy.
I feel Happy Birthday! Haha. *i’m sucha kiddo*


Yes. I am STILL a child and I like cutting cakes. And my mom surprised me with this one so SHUSH! 😀