Happiness in HDR.

Have you ever touched a butterfly? The touch in itself is magical; the sun shines brighter and time stops just for a brief moment- long enough to make you realise how beautiful life can be.
You make me feel the same way. Every time I touch you, there’s just a hint of gold dust left on my fingers. When I look at you sitting across the room- I know that I’ve found my magic.
I’ve only felt this happy once before and that was when I read Memory Keeper’s Daughter for the first time. The words metamorphosed into images and I could picture myself writing them in the future. And look, I’m using my words to let you know how absolutely elated you make me feel.
Words have always been the most inexhaustible source of magic for me and now, every time my body brushes past yours, I feel exhilarated- just like a magician after her first successful trick for an audience. I’m in love with you because you make me see the beauty around me that is beyond words and poetry.
You are becoming my magic.


It’s NBD.

I stared at a blank blogpost page for a while (actually half an hour), and came to the conclusion that I just wanted to write about one thing. Like anyone who’s recently started dating, I’m going to gush about how really frikkin’ awesome it is to be in a relationship where you actually get everything you want without asking for it. I mean- everything.

The sudden phone call in the middle of a busy day just to say he loves me? I gots that. Gifting me the book I’ve been thinking of buying but never got around to? Oh yeah. Knowing that I’d rather stay at home watching YouTube videos with him rather than go out? Yep, lazy bum reunion time! Taking me out for a dinner with just meat on the menu (oh, yes, that was a good date- so many types of meat with cheese and mayonnaise!)? He got dibs on the bathroom the next morning (no, don’t start ewwing)
Any healthy relationship discusses farts and potty. Discussing sharts, but, is probably tricky territory… but if you can do it, go for it!

I’ve always said that the most important thing for me in any relationship is happiness, and if that person doesn’t make me happy and I, him, then there is not much of a point staying together, miserably. I never thought that being in love would be so easy. For me, the idea of love was somehow always riddled with fights over silly things and ultimately settling for something (perhaps). BUT THIS PERSON MAKES IT SO EASY to love him. I do my bit too, in being my usual awesome self and make it super easy for him but oh my god, how amazing is this? (so amazing that it’s screwing with my grammar) To not have to try to please someone, where we can joke about babies and marriage and still not have the awkward shuffling of feet following it? It is surreal because I’ve always said the wrong thing at the wrong time and people just assumed I was trying to seed ideas into their heads. No, I usually don’t plan much in advance before saying something and he knows that. He’s the shizz. 😀
I usually write poetry or a prose with beautiful metaphors and I wish I could give the same to him. He deserves all my words, but he’s got to settle for a mediocre blog blabber with incorrect English… but all my heart in it. Heart trumps beautiful words, right? I send pretty nice Good Morning messages to him. No? Not enough? okayfinestopjudgingme. I actually want to write the best thing for him and I’m going to wait for it- for as long as it takes for me to write my masterpiece. Okay? Phew.


Enough gaa-ing over the new man but whattodo? What would you do if you felt this happy? Cheers.


– detangled.