The sun shines out my bum

Dating people these days has become similar to fairy lights kept inside a glass bottle- they are nothing but pretend fireflies, trapped. Couples who start out in a relationship refrain from saying they love each other early on in the relationship (that is, if they even accept that they’re in a relationship in the first place). Why is saying ‘I love you’ such a huge deal? The influence of movies or F.R.I.E.N.D.S had a profound effect on what I thought relationships were like, when I was in school, and it might be the same for many others as well.

However, I’ve grown out of that idea. If I love you, I will say it uninhibited. When I feel like I love you, I’ll say it. When I want to let you know I feel like there is a bag full of butterflies waiting to explode out of my chest and there are no better words to express it, I’ll say it. When I see you work and you look adorable, I’ll say it. When we fight and I have nothing more to argue with, I’ll scream I love you.. because feeling love isn’t something I’ve been taught to hide or keep away. If I’m in a relationship with you, I’ll tell the world and galaxies beyond because that is how honest I will be. I am all encompassing when it comes to words and expression. The modern dating rituals baffle me and I don’t think I will ever understand them. I come from a belief where I hold letters and cheesy phrases in very high regard. I wouldn’t say I haven’t been a part of the modern romance, I have, and I realised that I couldn’t sustain it. I can sustain something only when I know it will withstand the trials of time, separation, arguments and come out stronger. I agree, it comes off as something utopic but if your wishes aren’t unreal then what else does one have?
I’m overboard with joy to have found someone who shares my vision of being together and I’m thankful too, since finding someone as understanding (and awesome) is not something that happens thrice in one lifetime. Yes, I meant thrice.
The fairy lights would be proudly decorated across the wall and he would still make me feel like the best darn glow worm in the world.