Hey, hello.

New person in my life, Hey! It’s so good to have you. I feel like I’ve been rummaging around for the longest time to find you be a use you’re an important part of my jigsaw. Do you know how difficult it is to finish a puzzle if you don’t have one of the clues? You’re the clue. Hell, you’re the walking and talking answer to the final number on my sudoku mystery. Phew.

Did you know I dance like a crazy person when I drink? I also dance crazily when I’m sober but that’s something you’ll find out soon enough. I mean, the moment I’m slightly comfortable with you, you’ll see me jumping on the bed or singing “I like to move it move it”, quite loudly.

I have tiny hands. I read the horoscope at the end of the day to corroborate it’s truthfulness. I play with my hair when I’m sleepy. I play with anyone’s hair when I’m sleepy, actually. I’m the best hair player you’ll find, trust me.

I like being consumed, being looked at in a way in which I know that I am the one and only one. I like being the centre of the focus of your attention. I enjoy being the only one.

Let’s take it bit by bit.

Hey, new person in my life! What’s up?


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