Summer happiness.

I haven’t felt this exuberant
In months,  perhaps years!

Like a child holding on
To a helium filled balloon
In one hand,
Against a bright blue sky
On a fine summer morning.
With a dollop of ice cream
Of his favourite flavour-
Chocolate chips and orange
In his other hand,
Melting onto his shirt.

Like his baby sister,
Who claps her hand
And cackles loudly
Whilst her tiny palms
Clap louder and louder
And she keeps doing it
Because she enjoys
The sound, and
For no other reason
Than just that.

Like their lovely mother who
Sits on the grass
And looks at her children
Who so effortlessly remind her
Of how beautiful life can be
And how simple it really is.
For, to be happy
All you need is
A little ice cream,
Some clapping,
And a balloon that makes you
Look up to the sky
Against the sun,
On a warm summer morning
With the people who love you
More than you could possibly love