Guess who’s here? Summer :)

The day dragged itself befote beginning till 11 in the morning and once it started, everything moved in slow motion.
Summer is here. The mangoes aren’t.

It is sunny and the children have dispersed earlier than usual from school. They quarrel on the way back home while I hang my clothes to dry on the innumerable strings that’s criss cross in my verandah.


The streets are desolate, with every house and their owners snoring. It’s not hot enough for the air conditioners to be put on. The ceiling fan rotating at a comfortable pace, the body covered with a light cotton chador is the perfect mix for a comfortable nap.

I won’t nap, not today. Songs from the days past entertain me while I stare at the crow that sits perched upon a bamboo pole, which is jutting out of a building under construction. I see it eyeing the rat that scurried into a hole a few seconds back.

There are so many things that happen around us that should get more attention than they deserve. The sun plays a game of peek a boo with the trees and me. The blue tarpaulin over the shed next door is an appropriate mirror for the sky.


The saree that was wet last night, has dried and is proudly dancing in the summer breeze. A tender coconut vender wipes his brow after a hard days work, as he walks past my room.
Dada, may I get one?
Small pleasures of life, indeed.

My eyes gradually tire of the constant concentration, my head grows heavy. The monster called the Afternoon Nap seems to be catching up with me.

Must run away.

Till then, have a happy summer.


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