In the ideal world

People who work hard should get their dues. People like me, like the few of my friends who actually work crazy hard should get what they are working for. The world is far too competitive for its own good. It is just so difficult to focus every day of every week of every month. It is difficult to make plans in the evening when the rest are inviting you to go partying, without having to worry about the unfinished multiple choice questions. It is difficult and therefore, I demand to be duly repaid.. With a good college, with a promise that my work will pay off and pay off well enough to keep me happy. Because, if I’m not happy…none of this is worth it.

It is tough to kill my Id and let the Ego and Superego take over, so tough that Freud would have been proud. I wish I could just glance into the future to see what it’s like and make it work like a positive motivation. I wish I had a ginormous brain capacity where I was a prodigy like (I can not think of a name). People say they wouldn’t change a thing about their life. I would. I’d keep the same people but I would definitely make a few changes. A little dab on the unwanted here, a small erase on the unnecessary there.

Sigh. Back to solving MCQs.



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