A wishlist.

For some reason, I know it won’t be a surprise laden one, or one with many gifts (my 16th wins that race), or even one to be entirely celebratory, given that I may have to actually attend college and work. Against all odds, I’m still excited about my birthday (first one where I’m an earning member of the fam!)

I want a lot of things that I can buy for myself, but I won’t. Here’s a list.

1. A calligraphy pen with at least three ink shades and some calligraphy paper
2. A bunch of tulips
3. A CD set with the best retro and hindi songs of the years gone by
4. A bottle of Tuscan wine
5. A box of Nail paint with all the colours, not from a cheap company pliss
6. Lang Leav books
7. My toe nail (this a joke few will get, the rest aren’t jokes)

This is more of a list than wishes. Ciao.

Lots of love and kisses to the virtual people.



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