This day.



This day, it either makes no difference to you or it makes all the difference to you. Or, you are among the vast minority who pretends to remain untouched by the ‘gimmick’ yet, alone in your room, on a fine Saturday morning, you’d lie flat on your bed with a huge bowl of ice cream, watching Ted find the mother of his children, wondering all the same, if you’ll ever be Ted or Ted’s to-be. Or, you figure in the better (majority) and watch the ICC Cricket World Cup!

Either way, you know that this day is around, and it’s always there like a fly that knew exactly how to fly in but could never fly even with the windows cracked wide open. Everyone has one person they’d like to be wished by. Everyone. Even the coolest of the loneliest wolves.

Point of this rant till now was, you know you want to be acknowledged. Yes, love doesn’t need o-n-e  day and whatnot but.. but.. just but. Wish the person you love, who doesn’t know yet or knows it too well. Just agree with the greeting cards and tell her how she is the gold that seals your cracked being; of course no greeting card is that eloquent.. Have an adored day.

That said,
A Ferrero Rocher is a glorified Puchka, don’t gift her/him chocolates.

P.S. “I love you and I’m glad I found you.”


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