When We First Met.

The universe twisted on its spine
When it felt what I felt
When I first met you.
Every breath left my body
With a dozen lighting strikes
Raining into the ocean.
And, as you quenched my soul
The earth swallowed
Every droplet of rain
Like morsels of rice
To a starving man.

The words you said
Rang in my ears like
Wooden chimes
Making love to the wind
On a stormy evening
Right before sunset.
And, the leaves bent over
Belly up with joy
Every time you
Whispered my name.

You swept me over
Like a glacier in sun
While I melted into
And time itself moved,
Like a tadpole of water
On an infinite panel
Of translucent glass
Engulfing every drop
That it could ensconce
When you embraced me.
When we first met.


Made by, Yours truly.


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