Those days.

There are those days when you wake up, see the time, shut off your alarm clock, just wiggle back under the blanket and let work go die in its own pile of filth.
And then, you wake up 5 hours later, put on La Vie En Rose (or Some Rock Song?) on full volume, clean your house and cook great food, drink strong coffee and do all the work that you intended to do for yourself. such days are fulfilling and so much better than getting paid for.

A hot water bath and a few pages down the abandoned book, you feel more accomplished than you would have after dragging yourself to work anyway.

Have a happy day!

December remember!

It’s going to be that time of the year
When we want to kiss at twelve am
And keep kissing till noon.
The time when homes smell of cookies
And the ginger bread man.
The time when no one complains
Of the grease in the food
Or the love that’s lathered
In mother’s handmade cake.
When the sky is bright till midnight
And tiny lights drape the walls of
Tiny, cosy little rooms.
The time when bodies are warm
With mittens, wine, santa hats
And the winter weather charm.
When colours seem to merge together,
In the long nights
When the road is covered with mist
Every early morning
When you snuggle under the duvet
For just a few more minutes.
The time when you would fall in love
Like snowflakes fall to the ground
And the world is happier place
Cause happiness.. is this time of the year!

Happy December!