There’s going to be a time when it will not be important to update a status informing the world about your newest red stilettos because hopefully, there will be a time when the world will not have the concept of an ‘updated’ status. There is a small section of the brain dedicated solely to Hope; small but apparently significant, cause baby, can hope run the world!

I dream of a time when I can surprise the ones I love without calculating how much it will cost me, not in the terms of expenditure, but in the terms of seconds and minutes. Lost time is what I fear now. I’m young and I’m restless. I need to do a lot of things and I want to do a lot of the other things even more. When I calculate the measure of anything that affects my life these days, I don’t do it in terms of money, but time, for that is what truly matters.

However, with time (and age) comes a wisdom that leads us to believe that one can in fact make up for lost time. But can I do in my forties what I should be doing now? Will travelling be what I imagine it to be when I’m a few decades older? How much time do I need to invest now, to be able to spend money in the future? Is 5 years enough? Will five years worth of time buy me a lifetime’s worth of money? Seems a fair enough deal. 5 years : 80 years. Woo, that’s a great deal! Five years later I shall be in my late twenties, still pretty young. Right? It seems to be more of a me convincing me post rather than a me convincing you post or worse, you convincing me post (because people know how hard it is to convince me… I pity the man who decides to marry me. Heh, convincing me would be one hell of a task!)

How long is too long? How long should I wait for freedom? How long should I wait, before I ask for it? How long do I have to wait to find love? How long does it take to make someone realise that some things hurt? How long should I give myself before I make the decisions which potentially alter my life? I spend less than a second making the call but it takes me a lot more than that to arrive at that stage where I finally do not care.

Time. Time after time; how long is too long?

3 thoughts on “Babble

  1. I read the first paragraph and two things came to my mind :
    1) There is always hope, hope enough to balance our despair. Or we would be lost. — Rohinton Mistry
    2) Remember, Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies. — Stephen King

  2. Sure, hopefully gives a good feeling about things falling into place. I think I live in constant dilemmas. But realised it few weeks back, its a good place to be in helps sorting, prioritizing. And then hopefully, happily successful and successfully happy simultaneously

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