The first words you said
Were a breath of peppermint
In my eucalyptus life
They wrapped me up
And left me wanting more.
All of a sudden, it was you
Everywhere I went,
Everything I did.
Everything I wrote,
And everything I read.
You took over, all the time,
All of the space.

Suffocated, I stopped
Ran away for fresh air,
But all I found was peppermint,

And I missed you,
Even while away, 
I did.

We met once more.
The awkward hug,
A flower,
A longer hug,
A deeper glance,
Missed movies,
Unheard songs,

A lover’s embrace,

You and I, entwined.

The first touch,
Like a dream with an unbroken heart,
Like the song of summer time,

The first kiss,
Like a burst of orange
On a cold winter morning
While it rained outside
And stormed within.

A blurred memory,
A haze of movements,
On the unmade bed,
Like the train wreck from the future,
I came, down to my knees.

Of all the things that should hurt,
It is these, my knees,
The only proof,
Of what transpired.
It was you, my Peppermint.


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