The centre of my focus.

There are times where I will be a nagging irritation, a constant reminder of how you are failing to please me, to appease me, to pamper and protect me. There are times where I will be a dull ache in your behind that wouldn’t allow you to sit in peace. I will also be a profoundly non-understanding person when it comes to being busy. To top it off, I will also be an annoying prick when I don’t get what I want, from you.

At the same time, I will ask you to bear with me and accept all of this, because there will be times I will only focus on you and love you and care for you, and no one else. There will be a time, in my life and in yours, when you will be the centre of my focus. Yes; the centre of a focus, of my focus, that’s possible.

Everyone important is a part of the focus. Every focus has a fringe and a centre. I will place you at the helm of my all, at the peak of my attention and at the deepest point of my gravity.

So, if you can deal with that importance, you must bare with me, for there will be times when I will refuse logic, and by refuse, I mean totally deny its existence as a word and as a phenomenon. And, there will be plenty of such times, believe you me.

If you are ready..
Come. Let’s dive?


10 thoughts on “The centre of my focus.

  1. You Miss, are going to make some young man quite happy and divinely mad at the same time šŸ™‚ It would be a most lovely endeavor to undertake.

    • …now all I need to do is find a man who’s willing and worthy.
      Thank you. I look forward to your had vanished and i was at a loss for a few days! No typewritten images to adorn my phone.

      • My apologies, I tend to do that quite often. Writing words, they are my salvation and yet my curse. They possess tumultuous symbiotic relationship They seem to haunt me until I put them on paper, it has always been thus since I was old enough to hold a crayon I suppose.

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