Oh Gravity, my gravity,
Fly gravity, defy gravity.
Build gravity, curse gravity,
Hold on to me, oh gravity.

Centre of the earth, gravity,
Peak of the universe, gravity
Still gravity, vague gravity
You and me; together, gravity.

Senseless you, intense gravity,
Nonchalant me, fickle gravity.
Here gravity, that gravity,
Coming closer, mysterious gravity.

Pull hither, near gravity,
Push away, repel gravity.
There gravity, this gravity,
The free falling, forever gravity.


The first words you said
Were a breath of peppermint
In my eucalyptus life
They wrapped me up
And left me wanting more.
All of a sudden, it was you
Everywhere I went,
Everything I did.
Everything I wrote,
And everything I read.
You took over, all the time,
All of the space.

Suffocated, I stopped
Ran away for fresh air,
But all I found was peppermint,

And I missed you,
Even while away, 
I did.

We met once more.
The awkward hug,
A flower,
A longer hug,
A deeper glance,
Missed movies,
Unheard songs,

A lover’s embrace,

You and I, entwined.

The first touch,
Like a dream with an unbroken heart,
Like the song of summer time,

The first kiss,
Like a burst of orange
On a cold winter morning
While it rained outside
And stormed within.

A blurred memory,
A haze of movements,
On the unmade bed,
Like the train wreck from the future,
I came, down to my knees.

Of all the things that should hurt,
It is these, my knees,
The only proof,
Of what transpired.
It was you, my Peppermint.

The centre of my focus.

There are times where I will be a nagging irritation, a constant reminder of how you are failing to please me, to appease me, to pamper and protect me. There are times where I will be a dull ache in your behind that wouldn’t allow you to sit in peace. I will also be a profoundly non-understanding person when it comes to being busy. To top it off, I will also be an annoying prick when I don’t get what I want, from you.

At the same time, I will ask you to bear with me and accept all of this, because there will be times I will only focus on you and love you and care for you, and no one else. There will be a time, in my life and in yours, when you will be the centre of my focus. Yes; the centre of a focus, of my focus, that’s possible.

Everyone important is a part of the focus. Every focus has a fringe and a centre. I will place you at the helm of my all, at the peak of my attention and at the deepest point of my gravity.

So, if you can deal with that importance, you must bare with me, for there will be times when I will refuse logic, and by refuse, I mean totally deny its existence as a word and as a phenomenon. And, there will be plenty of such times, believe you me.

If you are ready..
Come. Let’s dive?

..To shush me.

A kiss on the mouth is not enough
To shush me all the time
It is
Your fingers tracing my spine
Till the small of my back,
Moving in circles,

It is
The smell of whiskey
On your lips and on mine,
While you wander around my neck,

It is
The warmth of your skin
On my body,
While you ensconce me within you,
A little more..
A lot more..

A kiss on the mouth is not sufficient
To shush me every time. 🙂