Knowing me..

If you would have known me even a little bit, you wouldn’t have said that I live in a bubble. You wouldn’t have said that I consider this world as MY world. You wouldn’t have said that I think I can never be wrong. You wouldn’t have said I analyse the nitty gritties. You wouldn’t have said that I’m not the person I am because of where I am right now, and you wouldn’t expect me to change (for your better) when I moved out. IF I moved out.  You just wouldn’t have.

Because in my world, as you so pompously said, I always think I have something to learn. I always forgive, and if indeed it was my world, I wouldn’t have had my heart broken by the people I loved and I wouldn’t have waited for those who don’t care; my world should at least follow my rules, don’t you think?

And analysis? I wish I had time to sit and wonder about what you meant when you said something. What I actually do is simple, I take what you said and infer the exact literal meaning, instead of analysing. If you say I irritate the living senses out of your mind, I would infer it as just that.
What you ‘say’ is what you reap. Always. Well, at least that’s what happens in ‘my’ world.

If only you knew me instead of expecting me to change. I am not going to change as a person if I change my place in the world, geographically! That is just so juvenile! It was never supposed to be a liability, being a friend. It was supposed to be light, like whipped vanilla cream, and pretty like tulips?

Knowing me is easy, if only you had tried instead of assuming.


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