Has it?

Has it ever happened where you start your day off in a medium high note and waste part of it watching crappy reality shows which seem interesting because the alternative is to study and then, when you do drag your bum to the table, open your books and start the tedious process of studying, a certain someone calls or texts you and you have a fight and then the rest of your day goes like it was dropped into a pile of shit?
Wow. That was one long sentence.

Anyway, I had a crap day. I’ve been sleepy throughout and not at all hungry. Days without hunger pangs are always bad days because food makes everything happier. I have an absolute zero number of friends who are as free as I am. Yeah yeah, I have my finals in 20 days and I am supposed to be the busiest but I am…not.

I’ve locked myself in a room now, deactivated facebook (I don’t know how, but that helps, lesser people to deal with, I guess?) and I will study now. My head is splitting with this odd burning sensation and my brain refuses to comply but I will make it. I am it’s master, not the other way round, no?

Wish me luck.


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