Death by choice.

There are phases every time
Where you trample over me
Over my mind and my body
There are ways you tread gently
Softly over the shards of
The remnants of my wishes.

There are elaborate plans
That you make, to design a ruse
To caress my hair, stroke my arms
And then rip my eyes out with
Those very fingers that I kissed.
And lips I kissed so lovingly
Turn vicious and venomous

There are nights that I await
Your return from the graveyard
Only to have you tear my heart out
And make me bleed all for your
Sinister pleasure.
You make me cry and howl
In a silent room in a Nowhere palace
Surrounded by a clouded sky
Guarding the melancholic moon
Around a field of open nothingness.

I lay out my future at your disposal
The colosseum of my colours
Turn to gray when you walk in
And yet, and yet, I still prefer you
To my ever changing destiny,
To my rainbow
To my all
Because, I know not any other life
Because, love is such a thing.


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