I am terribly sleepy and have academics to catch up with. I have three books to read at the same time and I am failing at it miserably. I am watching Prison Break at an alarming speed, given that I have said academics to deal with. Wentworth Miller is such a heart throb, OH MY DOG!

I’ve downloaded almost all the Oscar nominations for this year, God bless me, for I have sinned? Online piracy and all that.
Apparently, they check your illegal download history if you apply for a job at the CIA. Well, there goes one employment opportunity… One more, I should say.

My birthday went off sailingly. Being twenty-one is the same as being twenty, I must say. SO much hoo-cha-cha for a days worth of a difference! I got a lot of gifts though, and hugs. The friends from college were bitches, other than a few of them. (I have cribbed about the toxicity of college in several previous posts, so I shan’t tarnish the randomness of this one by delving into details) and the friends from school were the exact opposite of bitches; they were darlings. Family love was duly showered upon me, with adequately excessive doses of affection and adulation.


‘Nuf for now.



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