Birthday Wishlist!

Most of you don’t know me and even if you do know me, you don’t give two hoots about it, and even if you give two hoots about it you are confused.
“It” ? Oh, just my birthday.
So, I am just going to be shameless and unladylike and publically list a set of things I would appreciate as birthday gifts, which by the way is this week. I will start of unrealistically, but wait for it to get to what’s actually feasible (read: your budget). I’m sure you’ll find something 😛

1. A car.
Any car. That can be driven and can take a pounding yet save my life. And be zippy.

2. An Omega watch.
But that’s something I want to gift to myself when I can afford it, which lets face it isn’t happening before I turn thirty cause I chose a brilliant profession of dentistry that wont allow me to start earning mych before that. Hmm.

3. A Victoria’s Secret perfume called Very Sexy Hot.
No seriously, that IS the name and it is available on! Woot. (Budget alarm)

4. A gift voucher to Michael Kors.
There’s this new mall with all these brands in my city and I am highly unaware of these things, but they say this brand is the shizz. I want the shizz. And, bags? Something all women need just one of, but have a lot more.

5. An unending supply of pens/ stationary .Linc Ocean gels will do as well. I seem to be running out of pens like a man on diarrhoea runs out of poo. In hindsight, that was a terrible analogy.

6. A full body massage coupon along with a manicure and pedicure.
Cause who doesn’t like their toes being fiddled with? Ha.

7. A Samsung Galaxy S3 screenguard that has a matte finish.
They are just so cool. I saw them on my friend’s S3 and there were no fingerprints on it! Oh My Dog, humans can invent almost anything!

8. Bose noise cancelling ear phones.
I was supposed to get them a few months back but that obviously didn’t happen cause why else would I be asking for another one? They’re so darn expensive. Id have to physically make sure there’s no ear wax before I put them in!
9. A bunch of lilies.
White, yellow, red, pink, lavendender. All colours, please. (Best friend, take note. You could send me this cause I know you’re utterly confused. Scoot!)

10. Birthday blessings and hugs and kisses and prayers and just all in all, hope that I can get through and out of my final year of Graduate education with colours flying out of a Unicorn’s behind! See, this definitely fits everyone’s pockets haha! You cheapass people that I love :*
I love everything else as well. (not so much) Not high maintenance at all, you see?


P.s: and Humankind. Be both. Y


Stay tangled.

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