A very mediocre blogpost.

I’ve not been blogging for quite a few days. I mean, I have been writing things on and off, either in my diary (a handmade paper beauty, with a fountain pen, no less; to arouse the inner writer in me) and even stories for the blog, but I haven’t really poured my heart out the way I used to, earlier. One of the things that I really want to write about is, wait-for-it, Water Bottles. Haha, yes, they have such a crash and burn lifestyle. No? They come, live their life, quench thirst and then one fine day, they are lost. Poof! Into the abyss of unending wate bottles, another one is gone for good. And then, it is time to go to the nearest shop and purchase one more. “Dada, ekta Bisleri dao” (Brother, give me a bottle of Bisleri)

Anyway, that being said, I have not been my brightest self in the last few weeks, maybe a month. My college keeps me busy, final year of graduation is supposed to be this way, apparently. It is a lot of work, juggling eight subjects, my highly active (not) social life and my personal interests (as you can see, blogging has taken a blow). I try, nonetheless. I have scored a dongle from a friend of mine (god bless her)  and I have unlimited internet access for the last two days. No, my college does not provide us with a hostel, let alone high speed WiFi. People too, have been mean and I have had to face some rude surprises. They had warned us in school regarding the Big Bad world, and they were spot on about stuffing our mouldable brains with these prejudices.

I have been staying alone in my room for the last few days and I have to say, it is an interesting experience. Having no one else around, however, might get creepy in the winter. You can literally hear yourself breathe! My roomie’s bed has turned into a make-shift shelf where I have been dumping everything. (need to clean the stuff of before leaving, or else…).

Among other very obvious observations, this post is not turning out to be as fun and jumpy as I had expected it to be. Sigh. I have lost the touch. 

I recently wrote two papers for Lucideus Tech. It is the company I work for as a content writer. I got my first appointment letter and all the shizz last month, even pay! Also, I have a paper presentation this Saturday in the State IDA conference. Wish me luck? : )

I should start studying now. Thanks for reading the highly mediocre post. God bless!


A highly random image for a highly random post!



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