The cross at infinity.

As I left her standing there, she stood there smiling and waving at me while I waved back, trying to mask what I truly felt. It broke my heart to leave her there, where the road bent and blurred into what I call ‘mundane’. As I drove off, she turned and started walking away, possibly feeling the same knot that I felt in my gut.
I turned to look back at her as the signal turned red again, searching for her trademark backpack, but she was lost in the crowd. She must be humming a song, I thought to myself and smiled.

I drove ahead, the traffic finally making way for me to move on. I crept back into the flow of how things were, as she walked on the road that would take her home.
Life has a beautiful humour in it, when you look at the intricacies of the day, I thought to amuse myself. At the same time, she smiled too, after spotting a squirrel burrow through a small hole in the water-pipe by the road. We were living lives that were parallel to each other. Never crossing each other yet, we knew that this was a togetherness of a lifetime. And parallel lines infinity, and that is the most divine union that is there. Isn’t it?

Think about it, wouldn’t it be beautiful to live a life with someone who is your parallel, one who never intersects, never interferes but is always there, travelling beside you, never judging and always knowing which path to follow, in case you falter or forget your way. And then, when you’ve been together all this while, lived through the highs and lows, toughed out the different planes of parallelism… your desitny takes you to that one exhilarated peak of a moment where you finally meet the ‘one’. And in that sliver of time, in the slice of history- you feel a rush, and that rush is enough to make you quiver with a strange kind of peace that you’ve been searching for your whole life, without even knowing that you were missing that one piece in your puzzle.
And for this, you would travel another lifetime because she means that much to you.

She? You know who you are : )


2 thoughts on “The cross at infinity.

    • I went through yours to judge you. (Oh we all do that) It seems, I owe you an apology as well!

      I like the way you articulate and am intrigued by you. Let’s write a poem together.

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