It was the festival of lights, many years ago. Then, in somewhere in time, whe I was a gawky teenager, diwali had turned into a monstrous shadow of what it was supposed to be. It zip-zap-zoomed from being the beautiful day of lights to a cough-full, noisy day of really loud decibled crackers. And you know what amazes me the most? It is how all the semi-clad females on the cracker cardboards have not changed ever since I first saw them. They all resemble ladies from right out of a circus; green bikini thingies with Alcazar like beads, and always SO happy, I doubt that they have all been tripping (shhh)!

I don’t enjoy this festival- partly because I dont believe in the absurd idea of bursting crackers just for the heck of it, and partly because I sneeze the hell out of my brain when I’m around that much of smoke. I am like a frikkin’ choo-choo train on steroids for sneezes. Either way, I never let the opportunity to dress up pass:

The Salwar Kameez

The Salwar Kameez

The Salwar Kameez II

The Salwar Kameez II

Anyway, I hope you all had a fun day. I did. Despite a small spat with a friend, I managed to have two days of good productive twenty-four * two hours. I did some work on my Paper presentation which is due this month, clicked tonnes of photographs and I am going to meet the best friend tomorrow! ^_^

Exhibit 'A'

Exhibit ‘A’ of photography skills

– de tangled today!


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