A very mediocre blogpost.

I’ve not been blogging for quite a few days. I mean, I have been writing things on and off, either in my diary (a handmade paper beauty, with a fountain pen, no less; to arouse the inner writer in me) and even stories for the blog, but I haven’t really poured my heart out the way I used to, earlier. One of the things that I really want to write about is, wait-for-it, Water Bottles. Haha, yes, they have such a crash and burn lifestyle. No? They come, live their life, quench thirst and then one fine day, they are lost. Poof! Into the abyss of unending wate bottles, another one is gone for good. And then, it is time to go to the nearest shop and purchase one more. “Dada, ekta Bisleri dao” (Brother, give me a bottle of Bisleri)

Anyway, that being said, I have not been my brightest self in the last few weeks, maybe a month. My college keeps me busy, final year of graduation is supposed to be this way, apparently. It is a lot of work, juggling eight subjects, my highly active (not) social life and my personal interests (as you can see, blogging has taken a blow). I try, nonetheless. I have scored a dongle from a friend of mine (god bless her)  and I have unlimited internet access for the last two days. No, my college does not provide us with a hostel, let alone high speed WiFi. People too, have been mean and I have had to face some rude surprises. They had warned us in school regarding the Big Bad world, and they were spot on about stuffing our mouldable brains with these prejudices.

I have been staying alone in my room for the last few days and I have to say, it is an interesting experience. Having no one else around, however, might get creepy in the winter. You can literally hear yourself breathe! My roomie’s bed has turned into a make-shift shelf where I have been dumping everything. (need to clean the stuff of before leaving, or else…).

Among other very obvious observations, this post is not turning out to be as fun and jumpy as I had expected it to be. Sigh. I have lost the touch. 

I recently wrote two papers for Lucideus Tech. It is the company I work for as a content writer. I got my first appointment letter and all the shizz last month, even pay! Also, I have a paper presentation this Saturday in the State IDA conference. Wish me luck? : )

I should start studying now. Thanks for reading the highly mediocre post. God bless!


A highly random image for a highly random post!


The cross at infinity.

As I left her standing there, she stood there smiling and waving at me while I waved back, trying to mask what I truly felt. It broke my heart to leave her there, where the road bent and blurred into what I call ‘mundane’. As I drove off, she turned and started walking away, possibly feeling the same knot that I felt in my gut.
I turned to look back at her as the signal turned red again, searching for her trademark backpack, but she was lost in the crowd. She must be humming a song, I thought to myself and smiled.

I drove ahead, the traffic finally making way for me to move on. I crept back into the flow of how things were, as she walked on the road that would take her home.
Life has a beautiful humour in it, when you look at the intricacies of the day, I thought to amuse myself. At the same time, she smiled too, after spotting a squirrel burrow through a small hole in the water-pipe by the road. We were living lives that were parallel to each other. Never crossing each other yet, we knew that this was a togetherness of a lifetime. And parallel lines meet..at infinity, and that is the most divine union that is there. Isn’t it?

Think about it, wouldn’t it be beautiful to live a life with someone who is your parallel, one who never intersects, never interferes but is always there, travelling beside you, never judging and always knowing which path to follow, in case you falter or forget your way. And then, when you’ve been together all this while, lived through the highs and lows, toughed out the different planes of parallelism… your desitny takes you to that one exhilarated peak of a moment where you finally meet the ‘one’. And in that sliver of time, in the slice of history- you feel a rush, and that rush is enough to make you quiver with a strange kind of peace that you’ve been searching for your whole life, without even knowing that you were missing that one piece in your puzzle.
And for this, you would travel another lifetime because she means that much to you.

She? You know who you are : )


It was the festival of lights, many years ago. Then, in somewhere in time, whe I was a gawky teenager, diwali had turned into a monstrous shadow of what it was supposed to be. It zip-zap-zoomed from being the beautiful day of lights to a cough-full, noisy day of really loud decibled crackers. And you know what amazes me the most? It is how all the semi-clad females on the cracker cardboards have not changed ever since I first saw them. They all resemble ladies from right out of a circus; green bikini thingies with Alcazar like beads, and always SO happy, I doubt that they have all been tripping (shhh)!

I don’t enjoy this festival- partly because I dont believe in the absurd idea of bursting crackers just for the heck of it, and partly because I sneeze the hell out of my brain when I’m around that much of smoke. I am like a frikkin’ choo-choo train on steroids for sneezes. Either way, I never let the opportunity to dress up pass:

The Salwar Kameez

The Salwar Kameez

The Salwar Kameez II

The Salwar Kameez II

Anyway, I hope you all had a fun day. I did. Despite a small spat with a friend, I managed to have two days of good productive twenty-four * two hours. I did some work on my Paper presentation which is due this month, clicked tonnes of photographs and I am going to meet the best friend tomorrow! ^_^

Exhibit 'A'

Exhibit ‘A’ of photography skills

– de tangled today!

The man with a suitcase.

I left and flew through clouds. Like macro shots of cotton whisps.
White with ragged ends; as if someone had carelessly torn an edge and forgotten to comb what remained. Some gray, their bellies full of rain and just a tickle away from a downpour. Some auburn, reflecting the sunlight almost as if they were blushing, turning pink with a slight turn of fate.

The hum of music seemed to fade while I made unnecessary yet, at that moment, decisions of utmost importance. As the song changed I realised that it took me the span of one Floyd song to reach the conclusion that the next book I read would be by Pamuk. My thoughts surprised me by shuffling back to you. The winter mornings we had spent together while knitting the gray sweater for your Grammy. I was trying to concentrate vehemently while you tore on the edges of the stray cotton ball. Kitten, I said.
I laughed a bellyful, while you showered me with kisses. I turned pink, and fate did a small salsa while it twirled around the fingers I had so lovingly outstretched. Just a few more days and this would be all I have to share. Had I known, would I have made that last memory grand or is mundane enough? Was it banal, or what we shared; was that what life really is?

As I sit among a hundred strangers, I know you are there around me, Anne, I know that your presence surrounds me in the clouds. I can feel you everyday, everywhere. Why else would you make me want to fly? Why else would I choose to be among the clouds? You’ve made a traveller out of me, Anne. Even in your conclusion, you left me with three dots… A continuum. In your departure, you’ve left me  exhilarated and a better man… and how can I thank you? I travel, Anne, and I am with the clouds.


– tangled?