Pujo Gifts!

It is the season of Durga Puja now. Andit is that time of the year where the youngsters of the family get either money of gifts or other things, much like the Christmas of the West. A day ago, someone asked me: I don’t know what to gift you! You’ve seen a lot of things today; our hjome, the hospital..what is it that you want?
I joked and replied, “I want the hospital”, but when I thought long and hard about what I actually wanted (you don’t get open cards all that often, you know), I realised that I wanted no such thing.
I want a fitter body and a flat stomach, which incidentally she can give to me, courtesy her hospital and its new liposuction unit..but we all know that isn’t happening!
I want to be a surgeon, which she can help me with but not unless I prove my mettle.
I don’t want clothes or shoes or lenses for my camera. I want my book to be published and some reviews for what I believe in. I want to travel: to Iceland into a volcano, and to the Arctic in spring, to go deep sea diving and be within a cage while sharks swim around me, to live in a city for not more than a year and change countries (damn you, international laws!)

I realised that for everything I want, hardwork and money are the two constants. The time for hardwork is now and hopefully, the latter will follow. Now, the catch22 is that, once I start working and once I get into the rut of things, will I be able to get what I want?

– tangled, again.

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