The unattainable

There exist a surprising number of objects/ people that are there, which aren’t ours even if we try our mightiest. And at the same time, there are things/ people right within our reach that we disregard, primarily due to their availability. So, what is it about elusive that draws us toward the starry eyed, mysterious person or the glittery ball of dust?

Yes, we are innately curious and inherently inquisitive but till when is it okay to run after that which was never ours in the first place? When is it the time to give a chance to that which is surrounding us, and not somebody else? When is it time to let go and let it be?

Now. The answer to everything is right now. The only problem with that is, the elusive is, sometimes, exactly what we need and we never knew that it’s what we needed. THAT  is what drives us toward the unknown, and also what drives us crazy.
What if, what if what we leave untasted, untested is exactly what we yearn for?

I guess, we’ll never know. We’ll never know. Never. ‘Cause it was never ours to begin with. : )