You think a thought and then two more

You think of a word, then a few more

Then, there are billion others that burst

And they all collapse,

Before you can catch them, they fall

Shattered to smithereens, leaving just

Their fluorescent afterglow.

You move to stand, and the some more

You turn to the right, the a bit more

Then, you face your past eye to eye

And you fall,

Before you can balance, you’re at

The edge of your imagination, a battle

Between the could and should.

Your lips curve, then a hint more

Your shadow stirs, a shade more

Then you let it go, slowly

And you soar,

The lightness made you high, do you

Fall or do you fly? You choose to fall,

The colours return, to let your words precipitate.

And then you think a little bit more

And you use the words from before

The fluorescent afterglow, still there

You see it, then,

The unending loop, the brilliant colours,

The battle is won, you smile freely

Your shadow is as faithful as ever.


I didn’t want this poem to get lost in translation. I’ll let you have my interpretation of it. Often times, we are faced with difficult choices. To come to look at it from an outsiders perspective, the choices are actually very simple but we find them tough simply because of what we have experienced/ endured/ undergone in the past.

The first paragraph introduces the choice, the brilliance of the world around you when you see a new love, the colour of the trees in spring letting go of winter, anything at all. Everything new has a vibrance related to it. And you run towards it, only to see your problems haunt you, the problem from the past.

The second paragraph brings us face to face with the past. Why you felt what you felt when you saw the ‘new’. Should you try it, or is it a sin? Will you be betrayed again or will you be the one who betrays this time? Will the vibrance last?

The third paragraph is where you choose. The options were always between letting go and holding on. You let go.

The fourth, is about how you convey it. The ‘new’ needs to know it has been accepted. That’s when you realise, that it was never new… it was always your perception that made it new.

Let me know how else one could explain this. 🙂
– let go.


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