The 4th of July (sales!)

There are Sales everywhere: ‘up to 50% off’ ‘Flat 70% off’, it spent my head spinning around the ordinarily ugly but now, just cause they’re on sale, they look twice as more appealing. The earrings glitter more, the shoes seemed smarter and the clothes? Suddenly, I realised that I had NO clothes as good as the ones on display. Why, God, why? *insert sad smiley*

I saw this new movie called Ghanchakar. Don’t pay to watch it, please. The movie could have been MUCH better, given the idea of the story, but the makers screwed it up, majorly. Everybody need not have died and the mystery could be easily guessed. Either it was too easy, or my recent bent of mind towards Kafka on the Shore has led me to being super-awesome at solving mysteries. I’m on page 228, so don’t spoil the end for me! Though, I doubt I that I am Sherlock -_-

Happiness is an allegory, unhappiness a story.

So, it is the fourth of July, a date almost every living, breathing individual knows the importance of, because of the all-pervasive and sometimes unnecessary presence of a Nations presence in the world map. Early on, I used to think that the United Nations actually stood for the United States, not that I am highly incorrect but either way. Haha. I wonder if Obama will be able to read this and then call me. If not him, then maybe our CM will?
Okay okay, this post if getting its political twist, blah. Let us move on to happier topics of how a story I wrote go published. NBD. You can do it too at

Read mine at!/

Let me know how it is. Share your inspiration with me, here, if you would like?

Have a happy day, you!

I’d just like to end with one question, that was asked in a movie starring Sridevi (English Vinglish)- why is it THE United States of America and not THE India, or THE Spain… ?


6 thoughts on “The 4th of July (sales!)

  1. There is actually a grammatical reason for why it is the United States of America. The purpose behind it is unmistakable clarity.

  2. This post was getting interesting but just then you ruined it using the political tag but actually it isn’t. And I’m Not sure whether the 4th July brings any ‘importance’ to us Indians lol.

    • Thank you for stopping by. I am not a big fan of political posts myself and that’s exactly what I meant by the statement I’ve made there. However, I’m sure it did not ruin the post! If you aren’t aware of the politics around you, how your rice is priced and where your tax goes, then it is a sorry scenario, my friend.

      The name of the blog is 4th of July (sales!) That’s the importance it had to me. The sales in the malls.

      You missed the joke in both the stanzas? 😛

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