Me We.

A lot if people pretend to be a lot of things. I pretend too, to not care. I am a no frills kinda person who’d love to get some frills attached. I may not own a hundred pair of shoes but I honestly, do not mind. I may not have visited half the cities in the world but I want to and will, and when I do it shall not be the humdrum vacation spots. I may not know much about wine but I do know why I love it. I may not have read the classics but I have read books that have made me think in ways that the Classics couldn’t have. A book made me write and click photographs, how many classics get to do that?
I may not have a wardrobe to kill for but I will never be ill presentable. I may not be thin but I am healthy. I love food. I hate exercise, rather, I lack the motivation for it. I can sleep all day and stay up all night. I have the heart of a child and the mind of a woman. I listen to my heart more often.
I am a romantic. I’m hopelessly in love with the idea of love but I am scared shitless when I am faced with it. I want someone better than me but I am not sure he’d want me back. I wish, nonetheless.
I love cartoons and iron man. No, I have not read the comics. Going into intricate details is for you; read and let me know. I’m open to learning, if you’re willing to teach.
I have immense amount of love and care to offer. I have immense sorrow too. And you have to be up for grab me when I’m falling and to push me when I’m failing. I’ll be there too, for you, as a friend or more,  always and anytime, but you have to be ready for me and I will be preparing for you.
Because, the day we meet the stars will celebrate.



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