Foetal wax.

There is so much potential within us. When we are all 2-4-8-16 celled, deep within the womb, we can divide and differentiate into so many things, so many different people. Grow a limb here, grow some hair their, oops! look I grew a liver and a heart, And then we grow a brain with its neurons and all the intricacies of being human. 
In class today, my professor pointed out how some of the histological sections we look at (in our books, of course) . Apparently, the foetal cells are dipped in some sort of wax to stop the growth and then, cross sections are made. Thus, the name of this post Foetal Wax.

When we were tiny, and by tiny I mean a few cells old, we had our entire life in front of us. We could be good people or we could be wolves (which some men did turn out to be, but I digress). Hell, we could even be the girl who knew 15 languages in her head but was deaf and dumb so the world could never know of her talent.

But then, we divided.. and multiplied, and while the cells rapidly grew in number; we kept becoming more complex as creatures. Complex in ways that are more twisted than biology. We began dreaming and then we had to face the pain of that lost dream. You must have realised, more often than not, we try to go back to sleep to finish a dream and we try to pretend so hard, that the world we have for those few measly minutes could in fact, be the world we actually live, bleed and perspire in. Then the zygote becomes a baby, with a brain that functions as fittingly as a ticking time bomb, and we begin to rationalise… ‘No, I can not dance, I have two feet”, “No, that can not be love, he is a gentleman”, “No, I am a horrible person, I let her live”.

We slowly, yet persistently lose hope in what surrounds us. We begin thinking. We start forming logical thoughts which ultimately lead us to a very crisp reality, which let us face it, is not very pretty most of the times. Even when viewed through tinted glass, the world does tend to let us down at times (er, most of the times?) Right now, you have dreams which you despartately want to fulfil but if we rewind 15 years back, you had more dreams; and more colourful ones at that. No one told me that you that could not become a professinal dancer, no one said that you don’t have it you…you brought that upon yourself. YOU rationalised. “This makes more sense, become a Lawyer.” I’m sure all of you had dreams. I once wanted to go into research- genetic engineering, but I took the apparently easier available option and kept writing, photography and everything else as a ‘hobby’. How I hate hobbies- oh beta, you need a degree, what will you feed your kids, photography can always be a hobby. oh beta, you need to be a engineer, or else who will marry you? blah blah.

As cells, we have immense potential. As cells, the world is our canvas. As cells, we are merely a human being in-the-making, but the neurons and the logics that I spoke of earlier, make us who we are right now, in this very moment. We are born optimists and therefore are innately positive, but the repeated the break-downs, heart-aches and failures thicken us. As my professor stated, keratinisation. We become a pale afterglow of what we could have been. The could-be and the should-be, life kinda revolves around all that, eh?

I hope this helped you reminisce. I hope you dig out the dusty bag with all your paint brushes and do something with it, or maybe, find a new self? I hope you can be the cell you once were and the person you could have been.

to end on a lighter note, Image


2 thoughts on “Foetal wax.

  1. Maybe one day when we won’t have to mold ourselves to what society accepts. One day in the distant future, I will try to be the cell I was.

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