There is going to be a meteor shower in about 30 minutes from now (best viewed from 3am till 5am).
The Lyrid Meteor shower. I found the name quite, er, lucid.
Have you ever seen someone dance, gracefully, to a sound yo cant hear? For instance, when a belle dancer practices with head phones on and all you can focus on are the movements, and you just begin to tap a beat or hum a song? That is how Lyrid sounds to me- stars dancing to a whoosh of my own 🙂

However, due to the evils of mankind and the necessity of invention (i do not mean mothers), the sky is too cloudy and the city air is to polluted, to let me view this beauty. Therefore, I sulk and type this monologue while the rest of you might be able to see what I can not.
I wish, I had a car which I could take out in the dead of the night and drive far into the highway horizon, and sit on the hood while nature did its shizz and flew stars across my sky. I’d click a few pictures, be unsuccessful at it. Sip from the bottle of chilled beer I had carefully packed while Floyd strummed ‘Coming Back To Life’. AH! Imagination can be a wicked virtue of one knows not how to make it real.
I wish, I so badly wish that I was just a tad bit older (or, maybe jut away from the formality of asking for permissions!~ Indian parents!)


I wishes were horses, I’d ride the shit out of them.

-fill me in with your adventures. stay tangled!


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