Every one must laugh. Laughter is one of the most beautiful expressions of what you are, or could-be feeling and the best part about laughing is that no-one has ever taught anyone to laugh. It is something that is inherent.
But with time, we lose the ability to laugh freely. We hold it in, for fear of being judged, for hesitation creeps in, because we learn manners and finally, because we begin to think.

A few days ago, a few of us friends got together and we started cracking very unsuitable jokes at the fattest friend’s expense. She is used to it, being the butt of most of our jokes and she laughed along with us. She could’ve easily felt bad and taken it all in the wrong stance, but she didn’t. She had nurtured the ability to laugh at herself. She knew that we all loved her, no matter what and she laughed.. and boy! did she look beautiful while doing that. I admire her ability to take it in her stride and what she says is very true- Jo sach hai, toh woh toh dikhega hi na. (the truth can’t be hidden, can it?) the ‘sach‘ being her belly fat!



A few days later, I got together with a different friend group and yet again, someone became a butt of the jokes. This time, we weren’t laughing at the expense of her weight but at her sense of geography. Rome was the capital of Argentina and Greece was a city near Venice! She was innocently hilarious and we laughed with tears in our eyes. And then, the one we were laughing at became all serious and said ‘Why are you always laughing at me?’. And all of us shut up and did not laugh any more. This wasn’t the first time we had to shut up cause she didn’t like it. What she always failed to understand was we never laughed AT her..we only wanted to laugh and we never intended to it at her expense. it would’ve been someone else, if nopt her and that time, she too would be laughing! And she would have enjoyed too, had she taken it in the right spirit. It isn’t like she doesn’t laugh at the shortcomings of others, not in a condescending way of course, but y’know how it is when a large group of friends get together, right? No one means harm!

If you know how to laugh at yourself, you’ll have to worry much lesser and have lesser ego issues too. Someone said something about the way look and you dint like it? say ‘thaank you man!’ and give a big smile. Somebody pulled a fast one on you? say ‘good one, I’ll try it on someone soon!’

And if you can’t take it in the right way, at least learn to deal with your ignorance if that is what people are laughing at. Read, research and the next time, be ready with an answer, instead of being a sour puss. And if everyone laughs at how fat you are, figure out their tics and joke with them (in case you are too lazy to exercise, like me!)! There is ALWAYS another way. šŸ™‚


-stay tangled! keep laughing!


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