Moral of the story

Is it morally okay to feel happy when a couple breaks up? I mean, not to be over joyed or anything but just, feel er, normal. I feel a sense of relief wash over me when a struggling, premature love suffocates under the pressures of long distance or misunderstandings or forgotten anniversaries. I feel a sense of belonging when couples end up, well, ending. They stop koochie kooing in front of me and I stop feeling like a kebab mein haddi.
I can finally stop bailing early from parties just cause I dont have a date because now, my friend is single and we can party together. I can finally stop feeling eeky at the movies because there’s noone making out right beside me. I can finally feel that I’m normal despite breaking up the number of times I have. Obviously, relationships are meant to end?

I see people dating these days and I wait for the day they announce a changed relationship status on facebook.. so-and-so is single, and I go, damn, another one bites the dust but who hadn’t seen that coming?
But is it morally correct to advice a couple to break-up just cause one of them is going away and you know, just know, that a relationship won’t last the test of distance.. you know that no love is that strong right now? Isn’t it wrong to make people contemplate an end just cause yours didn’t survive? It is, you would say. They are different, they aren’t you.
And I agree, i’m different but I also judge people quite well, I judge love well enough by now, or atleast what we all think love is (texting, talking, dates and making out qualifies as love, no? NO). So isn’t it right to atleast warn them of what they’re heading into, asking for?

Relationships end. They either end totally or metamorphose into, culminate into, marriage. Either way, they end and new one(s) begin. And the change is hard, and difficult to deal with. And, while everything changes, you have chocolate and the love of inanimate objects, like, er, chocolates!!



5 thoughts on “Moral of the story

  1. Love grows, people evolve and mellow. When I walked down the aisle 20 years ago I didn’t dream we would be married still but now I know we will be married as long as we live. What I am trying to say is, you can’t predict as the couple themselves probably don’t know, what’s so wrong in letting time do the telling, who knows it might be a wonderful love story.
    Yes it is very selfish to want a couple to split up just for your social ease and do you really go on all the dates with them, that might be why so many of your friends split up,couples need time alone.
    I hope you find a lasting love one day, it takes determination and commitment.

    • Thank you for stopping by and reading this. Im barely 20, so are my friends. We have college and most of our lives to look forward to. The kind of love I wrote about is barely texting all night and showing up with dark circles the next day. Yes, this love is doomed. But some pwople manage to find beauty and love from within all this muck and prove me wrong. Im happy for those who stick it out but I also feel glad when people live the fad and call it love.

      Selfish yes, because couples I’ve been with get plenty of lone time. But every couple must know how to balance friends with their relationship, dont you think?

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