A few weeks ago, I stepped out of my teens and entered the much-advertised 20s. Sounds incredulous! *imagine hands thrown out* Finally in the twenties, finally, the decade that shapes my life, finally life, finally this, finally ALL!
And what did I do to celebrate this life changing day? Nothing, nothing at all. I removed the details from Facebook, closed my wall, asked my BFF not to post mush and I was all set to have a no-show birthday. But then, a few people called and then some more did. And some of those who weren’t even in the expectation-list called and I was pleasantly surprised. I know, my birthday wasn’t a river of booze or a plethora of cakes and gifts, but it was what I wanted and I was more than okay with what I got.


The family and my new Haircut!

Frankly, 20 is not much different than 19. I got a new haircut (chopped off more than half of it). Bought a solitaire ring with mamma. Went for dinner with the grandparents and met a dear ol’ friend. My cousins are here, with me and the entire family looks so happy.

We had to buy two cakes, the younger one also wanted to celebrate her ‘Happy Birthday’, though the original date for hers is in October! Kids, they make you laugh!

To a new decade and hopefully, wiser choices, better words and more memories.


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