And a big shout out to stanfordgirlusa for this 🙂

Scarlet World

I was randomly surfing through my inbox when I found this long lost piece of French beauty. Indeed, a beauty 🙂


She was used to the piercing, shearing, burning pain she always felt
when he was not around. He was never around.

She could not let him go because she did not know where she would be
without him. Every time he refused her, she felt the warm and
ironically, comforting flow of her tears. Every time she wanted to be
there for him, she was shunned by a cold, penetrating gaze that sent
her fleeing, fleeing towards him. She ran towards her pain and

He was her love. He, was her suffering. She had taken upon herself a
lifetime of this bitterness. She did not know what life was without
him. She could not live a life with him. He did not let her go. But…

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