There are so many things we work really hard for- getting good grades, winning a marathon, making the folks proud, surprising a friend, you get the drift. And there are things you need to actually out in extra effort to avoid, for instance the urge to call someone or the will to surrender to circumstances. The negative sometimes, far outweighs the positive and that is when we need the final push to prevent us from spiralling back to where it started.

Like right now, all my friends are asleep and I’m wide awake like a friggin owl because I slept in the evening for like a trillion hours and I feel alone. Oh don’t get me wrong, I have a book in my hand and cookies to keep me company hut no human touch. And it is these precise moments that make me wish I had someone I connected with who’d be there’s joblessly waiting for me to yap and then he/she would disappear when my need expired. Or maybe, it is these precise moments where I colaose vaxk into the rut of searching for a person who’d maybe, suit my tastes and be with me? Is that what people call a boyfriend? So yeah, that. But I won’t fall into the rut cause I don’t want to. I won’t even call my ex because I don’t want to. I don’t want to do anything that makes me go back to where I was. I recently read this blog post about how settling for the Good prevents us from getting the Great. I have settled for nothing st the current moment and I’m gonna keep it that way because without anything to lose I can be fearless and go all out when the time arrives.

I’m talking about life here, not love. Taking one day at a time is what I’ll do. No planning for the future, no decisions about who and what to do, no words or questions about academics. One day. At a time. One.


The love was merely an example of how we make an effort to stay away away from things or people, just the way we put in hours to stay with people. Never under estimate the power if effort.

I’m getting jumbled in my thoughts now so byebye.
– detangle?


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