Diwali: Festival of LIGHTS.

Notice how I have kept ‘lights’ in capitals? That is what it was and has always meant to be. Lights are to be the prime focus of this darn festival and not sound, bombs, scaring poor animals and hell, not pollution! I don’t like this festival and I don’t agree with how it has been manipulated into this concoction of smoke and really bad gunpowder. Diwali was supposed to be the celebration of Ram returning home, he was ushered in by the ligthing of Diyas in all the homes. I don’t think we give that man a second thought while bursting the thousand patakas. Shaa.
Now don’t get me wrong, I am not a party pooper, a festivity spoiler. I love the sweets and diyas (or candles) that adorn every window of every house of every alley of every city of every state. I like the whole taash playing atmosphere of winning some and losing more. I like how people meet their relatives after just a week of meeting them on Dashami. Brings the family together, yes but do we really need the smoke? It makes me sneeze and the birdie in the sky goes blind (and thus you have bird poo on your newly purchased clothes)

I like Holi. Yes, I waste water and yes, the colours are synthetic but March is the month of my birthday and therefore, Holi rockzzz, er, rocks. I like the colours and the SINGLE day of celebration. Diwali gets prolonged into a week-long smoke fest just so that people can finish all the baarud they purchased. It is never ending, I mean come on already? India won the world cup ages ago and you STILL have those crackers left or what? Save money, save paper, save trees and don’t burst those nasty things. Okay, maybe a few just for fun cause we are all allowed that much. Right? Like I waste water on holi, you can blow off some rockets into the night sky but when the sky falls, when the drum rolls (or does she say when we crumble?) lalala laaaaa.

Anyway, the point of this post is that I don’t celebrate diwali and I only make a rangoli and light some lights and clap along with the rest of the people and ihaveaboyfriend and that Holi is awesome! HAHA, gotcha. Now read the last sentence again. I have to get milk+bread off of my face now. This is a regime that my mother makes me do to get rid of the tan I am not-very-happily boasting of.


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