Of sudden breaths and real feelings.

I am listening to some really bad music by A.R Rehman and I realised that grand romantic gestures happen only in the movies. Do boyfriends really fly down from half the way around the globe to meet the one they love? Do roses really look more red onscreen? Are there really no cheaper gifts than diamonds? Do normal girls meet their prince in a Rolls Royce only in gossip girl? Or is there some semblance of reality in what they show on the silver screen?


I would like a grand romantic gesture, if someone decided I am worth the effort (and let’s face it, money). Yknow, the kind where I am sent bouquets after bouquets merely because I am unwell. Or the occasional diamond (haha). Okay no seriously, how many of us really end up getting the fairytale romantic gestures? It isn’t fair, how the movies glorify love. To us, girls, love is like a dream sequence where the boy would propose in a game of Scrabble and we would see hearts on the coffee foam. It is surreal, the way we imagine love, in the true sense of the word.

Do the horse-coach pick ups and limousine drop offs only happpen in books and stories? Why haven’t I seen a candle light dinner yet, one that is actually planned so and not forced by CESC? I want to simply know if the ‘hands to your cheeks surprised’ expression that the female brightens the screen with, is genuine or make belief. All I want is one dance I the rain. All I’d like is one valentine gift. All I want is one sunrise together and maybe a sunset too. All I want is youuuuuu. Okay that was U2 speaking.

Knight in shining armour, prove to me that you exist and give me my grand romance. Just once, cause post that it would just be an overdose.


– waiting for the star to fall.


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