Second post in.

Day 2 in Phuket.
Started off with our very hassled guide because he couldn’t understand my father’s name. The tour was booked under mom’s name but dad was talking and the names were long so finally, he ended up christening my dad with a name that is half my mum’s name-Santosh.

With a new found name, Mr. Santosh, ma and I started off to view Karon view point. The thing I found most amazing from there was the Crab island I saw. Apparently there are *no prize for guessing* lots of and only crabs there. Now I know where I am supposed to pack off my not-so-loved people. Either they’ll feast over crab meat or become a feast for the crabs. Latter the better. 😛


Taken from my camera on my camera. Pliss don't mind.

I’m travelling with this couple. I don’t know why but they click photographs in the same pose. And the lady keeps touching her boyfriends nose. That rhymed. I wish I had a boyfriend. I’d not pull his nose, that isn’t cute. They think it is though.
They misplaced (and then found) their camera bag as soon as you could say Lose. Haha. Headed to Big Buda (Buddha) now. And then a cashew and honey farm. Beeeeeeeeees! I hope they make me wear that cool white suit to avoid getting stung. Ha!

Okay so this is after the day is over. I’ve had a WONDERFUL day and this place is meant for pretty people but wth I shopped for something that is super duper awesome and I should stop rambling aaaaa.
The last stop was a jewellery store and not any random store. It was ike the Tiffanys of Thailand or something. We walked in like any tourist, lost in a big place with people who don’t talk the same language. Bayo was our salesman. We fished for ruby and emerald and then I saw silver rings and pounced. I liked one and mum aggreed. And then mum liked one and I agreed. And then we moved around some more and some more. And then a bit more. And then daddy dear spotted a beautiful and I repeat beautiful, pearl necklace. Im not the goddy necklace kinda girl but this one was simply elegant and my stole my heart. Thank god for MasterCard 🙂
The asst. sales manager came arounbd and saw that we were big fish haha and then mamma liked an earring to go with and dukaan ki toh chaandi ho gayi.

We returned, both happy and shocked and slept. I woke up to a Caesar salad and we went off shopping for swimming costume and flowy dresses whoh we bought. Ate food at a sea food restaurant and from the way we are at it..I will grow over fish and prawn and crab and lobster and squid. But till then I shall hog 😀

Oh p.s- bargaining is so much fun!


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