Be utty beauty?

So I’m sitting in a parlour right now. Pujo is here and I need to clean myself up before the celebration begins and also before I head to Thailand with my family. Yay! Anyway, the reason I head to a parlour is because it is necessary to be clean. I detest the pain the we have to subject ourselves in the name of beauty. I mean seriously? Whacking hair out from every visible place except your head is torture, if performed primarily for others. I feel filthy with bushy eyebrows so I get them done. And while I sit here, waiting for my turn (yes girls have a way of crowding right before festivities) I couldn’t help but wonder how much pain we all willingly endure!

It is not just the waxing that im referring to. Im talking about the physical and mental pain as well but let us not get into details of that. I’ll just talk about this one girl that grossed me out at the parlour.

But first let me start with an example. If you’re going to a dentist and you had onions for breakfast, wouldn’t you atleast make sure you don’t have bad breath? You’d probably throw in a breath mint and then breathe into his face, right? Now of course im assuming your parents taught you basic manners and courtesy. Similarly, when I visit a parlour, I am mote or less presentable. I wouldn’t want to gross anyone out due to lack of hygiene. Now there’s this girl who grossed me out. I can not describe how because that’d make most puke but let us just assume it was bad.

So, tiny requaiest here: whenever you go out to get a service, make sure you’re not at your worst. I am not asking you to be prim and proper because then there’s be no need for that service but please, just keep your daily habits In place and you’ll never get glares from the likes of me. They are people too. They feel eeky too.

Stay healthy and enjoy this season. I’ll out up a more ‘festive spirit’ post soon. Haha. I had time and no work and this chick walked in and I just had to post this.



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