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I’m currently on my flight till Bangkok from Phuket. There are a lot of Indians on this flight. Lot. Yesterday was a good day, we went to Phi Phi island. Funny thing, I haven’t quite understood why they keep referring to it as P.P island..peepee could actually mean something else! And to have an entire island dedicated to it seems legit because that is primarily what is most used there. French, Russian, American, European, you name it and they are there with their Thai escorts massaging them to glory and orgasms. There was this biiiiiig group of French men travelling with us (and a hundred others) on the cruise till the Island. They were the ones enjoying the most- singing, drinking, smoking and one of the guys was a proud owner of 5 hickeys on his neck!

Anyway, after a 2.5 hour ride we changed boats and wentboff for snorkeling which was scary initially. Breathing through your mouth becomes difficult if you’re from a country like India where you’re taught to specifically breathe through your nose to avoid the pollution! After a minute of hesitation and a minor ‘Give up’ I finally did end up looking underwater and it was beautiful ๐Ÿ™‚
There were so many fish and corals and algae and so many colours! Although the reef isn’t the best that is available but it was good enough for me. It isn’t anything special really, not for the ones who’ve been to better, more exotic locations abut it was pretty nice for me. Oh. And I wore a bikini! WoOt.

The 2.5 hour journey in the sun on the deck was tiring but fun, courtesy the number of ethnicities I was surrounded by. There was a lady from Bahrain who kept saying how good the camera of her iPhone was and how sucky Canon is. And her son kept laughing. He had long eyelashes. We all look like the country we belong to…and I could easily identify the Indians and precisely begalis in the crowd.

After another journey back to Phuket, which was mainly spent in sleeping and watching The Karate Kid (the one with will smiths son) in interstices. And I has the Kwality Walls Magnum. I wonder why they don’t introduce it in India. I am tired of the Feast and Chocobar :/

Anyway, Bangkok and Pattaya should be as good.
-stay a traveller ๐Ÿ™‚

Second post in.

Day 2 in Phuket.
Started off with our very hassled guide because he couldn’t understand my father’s name. The tour was booked under mom’s name but dad was talking and the names were long so finally, he ended up christening my dad with a name that is half my mum’s name-Santosh.

With a new found name, Mr. Santosh, ma and I started off to view Karon view point. The thing I found most amazing from there was the Crab island I saw. Apparently there are *no prize for guessing* lots of and only crabs there. Now I know where I am supposed to pack off my not-so-loved people. Either they’ll feast over crab meat or become a feast for the crabs. Latter the better. ๐Ÿ˜›


Taken from my camera on my camera. Pliss don't mind.

I’m travelling with this couple. I don’t know why but they click photographs in the same pose. And the lady keeps touching her boyfriends nose. That rhymed. I wish I had a boyfriend. I’d not pull his nose, that isn’t cute. They think it is though.
They misplaced (and then found) their camera bag as soon as you could say Lose. Haha. Headed to Big Buda (Buddha) now. And then a cashew and honey farm. Beeeeeeeeees! I hope they make me wear that cool white suit to avoid getting stung. Ha!

Okay so this is after the day is over. I’ve had a WONDERFUL day and this place is meant for pretty people but wth I shopped for something that is super duper awesome and I should stop rambling aaaaa.
The last stop was a jewellery store and not any random store. It was ike the Tiffanys of Thailand or something. We walked in like any tourist, lost in a big place with people who don’t talk the same language. Bayo was our salesman. We fished for ruby and emerald and then I saw silver rings and pounced. I liked one and mum aggreed. And then mum liked one and I agreed. And then we moved around some more and some more. And then a bit more. And then daddy dear spotted a beautiful and I repeat beautiful, pearl necklace. Im not the goddy necklace kinda girl but this one was simply elegant and my stole my heart. Thank god for MasterCard ๐Ÿ™‚
The asst. sales manager came arounbd and saw that we were big fish haha and then mamma liked an earring to go with and dukaan ki toh chaandi ho gayi.

We returned, both happy and shocked and slept. I woke up to a Caesar salad and we went off shopping for swimming costume and flowy dresses whoh we bought. Ate food at a sea food restaurant and from the way we are at it..I will grow over fish and prawn and crab and lobster and squid. But till then I shall hog ๐Ÿ˜€

Oh p.s- bargaining is so much fun!


Picture quality 0

First post in.

I am currently on the fligt to Bangkok. Oh yes, I am headed to a week + of family vacation time. And roaming around in the sun and sand and look super awesome and buy clothes and shoes and eat food and basically just go mad.

But before all of it could even start I was posed with this dilemma. If you have been a regular then you’d know how mug I like eating. Also, keeping mind that it is 2:40 am IST and I haven’t slept last night either.
Last night, my mother landed in India from Germany after a fortnight of a stay there on an exchange programme from school. I am sleepless and starved in ways more than one.

So I get in cozy with the blanket and eye mask, seat reclined and I was relaxed and almost asleep. And then, I smelled food. The cruel people brought out food. How was I supposed to sleep while others around me ate ‘non vegetarian Indian food’? I know that aeroplane food isn’t heaven but food is food. And food is food is food! And then I was hungry. So I had to take my eye mask out, reveal my warmed skin to the chilled AC to eat. Sigh, the troubles of a hungry mind.


And then I realised that I am above 18 and thus could ask for alcohol and was immediately perked. Haha.

Oh and it was super funny. Everyone is like me. The plane was quiet, except for the random baby-cry-squeal and as soon as the food was served the entire flight got busy. Packets being torn, forks clanking and then you know chomp chomp chomp…you get the drift.
Humans, I tell you.

I have a LONG day. Shopping and another flight laterbi shall be in Phuk-et.
Photographs shall be posted when and if possible (and decent enough :p)


Be utty beauty?

So I’m sitting in a parlour right now. Pujo is here and I need to clean myself up before the celebration begins and also before I head to Thailand with my family. Yay! Anyway, the reason I head to a parlour is because it is necessary to be clean. I detest the pain the we have to subject ourselves in the name of beauty. I mean seriously? Whacking hair out from every visible place except your head is torture, if performed primarily for others. I feel filthy with bushy eyebrows so I get them done. And while I sit here, waiting for my turn (yes girls have a way of crowding right before festivities) I couldn’t help but wonder how much pain we all willingly endure!

It is not just the waxing that im referring to. Im talking about the physical and mental pain as well but let us not get into details of that. I’ll just talk about this one girl that grossed me out at the parlour.

But first let me start with an example. If you’re going to a dentist and you had onions for breakfast, wouldn’t you atleast make sure you don’t have bad breath? You’d probably throw in a breath mint and then breathe into his face, right? Now of course im assuming your parents taught you basic manners and courtesy. Similarly, when I visit a parlour, I am mote or less presentable. I wouldn’t want to gross anyone out due to lack of hygiene. Now there’s this girl who grossed me out. I can not describe how because that’d make most puke but let us just assume it was bad.

So, tiny requaiest here: whenever you go out to get a service, make sure you’re not at your worst. I am not asking you to be prim and proper because then there’s be no need for that service but please, just keep your daily habits In place and you’ll never get glares from the likes of me. They are people too. They feel eeky too.

Stay healthy and enjoy this season. I’ll out up a more ‘festive spirit’ post soon. Haha. I had time and no work and this chick walked in and I just had to post this.


Three may keep a secret if..

I don’t understand this business of secrecy. I admit, I suck at keeping secrets which are of no value to me. It might sound selfish, but I know that I can’t keep them if they have no personal attachment to me. Half the secrets I come across are floozy and have no real need to be kept secret. The other half are just plain boring.

Besides, if you really did not want the word of your ‘secret’ to get out into the world, you wouldn’t share it in the first place! You would only tell someone because you couldn’t digest the fact alone. Similarly, I can’t digest facts alone and thus, I share.
Now, of course, if you confide in me about who the father of your illicit child is, I won’t go on about telling everyone. I can keep secrets which are worth keeping. I can be quiet when needed. But in general, I’m not a very quiet person and I think it is good. I bear no malice in my heart and my conscience is clear. If I love you I’ll let you know and if I detest you, I’ll make it clear. I won’t bitch about you behind your back while sweet-talking you otherwise.
I have a clear heart, a big heart and in that big heart, I am clearly aware of what’s important and what’s not. I will never hurt anyone willingly but I never mislead someone either. I try and maintain a balance. But sometimes, my judgement fails and that is where people begin to think I have issues. I don’t!

Now, about secrets, there are so many kinds. There is the type where life and death is dependant or where someone got dumped. There are the kind with surprises (both good and bad). There are the stupid kind which basically idle gossip. And there all the other Shhhh variety. And there is the kind that confuses me..the kind where I am to simply believe something about someone without adequate proof.
Why should I? And that is where I go wrong. In order to clear my doubt I go ahead and ask the very person (about who the secret was) the truth and then the cat goes out of the bag. Apparently, the first rule if secrecy is to never question. The second rule is, okay detective only if you are the master of the art, which I’m not.
Out of all of this I can only properly keep the first kind and let’s face it, no-one really keeps a secret. Everyone has a confidant and that confidant has a confidant and therefore, everybody knows but nobody agrees to knowing it. Everybody pretends to be ignorant and then subsequently, fakes a surprise ‘really?‘ when the secret IS out, finally.



I’m open about almost everything with my family. They know me and I know them. And this transparency is what makes me so open about secrets, so to say. A secret is never a secret unless you are the only one who knows it. People who know me intimately will be aware of secrets that I have kept to myself for more than a decade of m life. I can keep meaningful secrets but not silly teenage gossip. If you don’t want to tell me, then please don’t. My brain is, as it is, clogged with names of unpronouncable diseases and I could really do with lesser information about who is banging whom!

You’ll be doing us both a favour (here you, stands for people in general, lest someone starts thinking this post is about them)



If you’re happy and you know it…


This is going to short and crisp.
You deserve to be told you’re loved. I am. And I’ve been told so. Right now, 18th October ’12. AND I AM SO FRIKKIN’ HAPPY, it isn’t even funny!

I don’t know where this is headed. I don’t know how or why or even since when and the ambiguity is what makes it all the more enchanting. For once, I am happy in not knowing and just taking each day as it comes and each phase as it passes. I’ve been through squabbles as siblings to sobbing like children and giggling like a girl who’s smitten. I’ve breezed through mush and written poems and even fought like I mean it. And I am still happy, which is like a life time achievement.

I’m in the top of the world la la la laaa.


P.s- photo courtesy thebettermanprojects.

-stay loved and entangle with some one ๐Ÿ˜›


Yes I shall gloat because I want to. (okay no, more because this blog is mine and I can say what i wish to) And because I think I did well. I worked quite hard. I admit, I could have worked harder with respect to the ‘depth’ of knowledge of the subjects. But I did do well and that is what matters. I enjoy life, I have boyfriend(s), I have tried smoking, drinking and I’ve done most of the bad-girl stuff AND I managed good grades so I deserve a pat on my very sexy back. But then, why is it even called bad-girl stuff? Bad girls do worse, right?

Anyway, I did well and so did my other flatmate but my room-mate dint do as well as she thought she would/should and she is sad. I don’t like her being sad. And I’d like her to cheer up. What I really want is to shout into her ears that I STILL CARE and THIS ISNT THE END OF THE WORLD! But I wont do that. I’ll just be there with her, silently until she decided she is fine with it. i am a good friend, you see. (actually I am just scared that I’ll blurt out something insensitive that’ll hurt her even more so I’ll just stay out of her hair for a while, maybe more than a while) I just don’t want her bruised any further because I am socially awkward.

Okay, so back to gloating; I got above 75% in two subjects (out of the three theory papers that we have) and that is apparently really good. The year before this, like my previous batch, a senior got THREE honours, which is WOAH! but I’m happy with what I scored and I am super happy that my college has the least number of ‘fails’. ๐Ÿ˜€
Hmm, I wonder what I would get for good results. Parents, are you listening? Haha.
I have to go now, I’d love to sit and chat and boast but I’m getting an important call *wink wink*

-study much?

Fake this shit!

It has been a while since I last posted here. Have been busy. No, make that- very busy. third year of college started this October and I have finally entered The Clinics. I was super kicked about reaching this particular year, given that I am halfway through undergrad college and that means I am 50% through the ordeal called Barddhaman. and I was pleasantly surprised! I reached Burdwan on 1st and headed to college and waited for 30 minutes to greet my professor (what with all the ‘first impressions’ thing going on so strong these days) and I was informed about the Intra-college Sports tournament that was being organised.
My dad was in the Indian Army and I’ve had a fairly okay exposure to sports. By that, I mean i can move better than most girls and I mean that in the most innocent way possible. So, I signed up for Badminton (given that the other sports were Football and Carrom, neither of which I was sure of playing, I can shoot alright in Football but that’s about it). And I cleared the quarters and then reached the semis. Knocked out and I lost to the final winner so no pride lost.

Anyway, as Clinics duty proceeded in the day, the sports tournament moved forward after college. And I shouted A LOT while cheering for my batch. The usual ‘jeetega bhai jeetega’ and ‘ come ooooonnn!’, blah, and I cheered for the opponents as well O:)
I even wore track pants to college. Oh, and my work in the clinic was basically in the Prosthodontic Dept. and I made removable partial dentures for two patients. One has already been (successfully) delivered and the other is due on Wednesday. There is this fake sense of know-it-all while you are around patients…i say fake, because obviously I don not know it all, I am merely in third year. But you get to actually BE doctor after all the years of playing with plastic stethoscope and toy ambulances and this halo of importance and reverence surrounds you and you just, feel, important.

All the bitterness that was there last year, given the political influence on my baby college, I felt happy that we were all bonding and more importantly talking! Talking too is fake- it gives everyone a fake importance. ‘Oh, we talk’ ‘Oh, he spoke to me’. Just because we talk, it doesn’t mean we’re close. It just allows all of us to carry on with our lives without others feeling left out. People feel they’re close to you because you talk. WOAH! Huge epiphany! We’re all wonderful actors. No really, take a second and sit back. Think about all the times you have pretended to be something/someone you are not IN A DAY. And it is perfectly normal to pretend. We’re taught to perform in a particular manner from the day we learn to understand emotions and that is exactly what all of us do. We all act. we all pretend. We all put up with a farce.

So, how are we making the ones we love know what we really feel. To come to think of it, we need to be real sometimes! Shouldn’t we be able to be ‘who we are’ before the ones we care about at least? As for me, I don’t pretend before the ones I like/love. Strangely, I become even more blatant and point-blank and then I end up hurting them. Shaa.

ANNNNYWAY. There was also a DJ night in college following the Sports tournament which left all of us super-fit doctors with neck cramps and shoulder pain. I couldn’t move out of bed without an Ooooh-aaaah for four days in a row and I enjoyed every bit of that night and those ten days. It is good to be back with college ‘for real’ and even with all the aforementioned pretentious behaviour, I am happy. It is great to have stories to tell and jokes to share twenty years down the line. I hope this stays the way it is, or itย may becomeย better. ๐Ÿ™‚

-stay loved. stay as true as possible!