Lifetime warranty wali friendship!

I am not going to copy and paste random quotes and one liners from social networking sites. For that, find yourself a suitable facebook page or Twitter handle and read to your hearts content. 🙂

I do not wish to label the various kinds of friendship. There is just one kind- you’re either my friend or you’re not. Or you’re my best friend but that’s a different story altogether. Some friendships fall into a category that is actually no category. You can’t do without some but there are long stretches of time where life keeps you apart. Things happen, you learn to cry on their shoulder and then you learn to be strong when they’re not around.

But some friendships are real. They break through the boundaries of nations and time and space and distance and pierce through the facade of the virtual world and actually build a connection that becomes tangible. These friendships are the ones that last a life time. Friendship never ends and neither do people deliberately lose contact. It is just a way of life. But the friendship that I just described, the one with a heart to heart telepathy, is not the kind where not talking for 5 months at a stretch equals the end. A new chapter, maybe. A new book, perhaps. But the same characters and the same happy life!

I have been blessed with a few such friends and one of them has just returned to India. She is back and the virtual connection might just finally translate into a tangible one probably after 3 years! And we’ve managed to go through life’s ups and downs, together yet a thousand breaths away. I could smother her with hugs if I saw her right now and this is to welcome her back to reading my blog 🙂

And I have this other guy friend who has a complicated past with me but we’ve worked over our differences and similarities and brewed a sound base for a relationship that transgressed borders of love and friendship.
Not just with him, but also with Sneha, I feel at home. I can be a baby most of the times with them teaching me right from wrong and I become mature when the need arises.

These friendships are the ones which last an eternity and these are the ones where when you meet after yeaaaaaars when you’re 60, you can laugh like you’re 16! And I treasure these. Because rather than being superfluous and asking me How I am, they’d directly know it and ask me Why. They won’t judge me. The very prominent rules of friendship don’t apply here. I’m not called a bitch or a bro when they’re calling out to me. This kind of friendship is the kind which has the healthiest balance of space and privacy. Of you and me. Of us. 🙂

They know who I was. They embrace who I am. And they support who I will become. And I do the same to them..for them.

Welcome back!


Because Pooh bear is adorable!



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