Don’t. Stop. Believing.

Oh look! One maina is flying by.
Shoot. Doesnt it mean bad luck?
Quick. Spit on me. Or maybe flick your fingers in a way that the bad luck reflects off of me and hits some other person.

That was me when I was in class 6. We’ve had so many superstitions. Black cat crossing your path signifies bad omen. Two mainas in one sighting equals good luck. A leaf drifting down on you from a tree shows that something new will happen to you. There are so many positives and negatives that motivate or hinder us from doing what we want to.


Don’t run. Dont let people stop you. Don’t let you stop you.

As time passes, we grow up. And we mature to an extent to believe that a leaf or a bird will not have significant effects on how we deal with life or what actually happens. I just saw one bird hopping across the window sill and I dint budge. I just reminisced the minutes I had spent on the sidewalk beside school with my friends making them do weird stuff to make the bad luck go away. I still smile when a leaf falls on me, but I know that it is nothing but a coincidence. I understand now, that good and bad happen as a result of my deeds and my actions..not because of a third force. Certainly not because of a bird!

We begin to lose faith. We begin to act and think practically. We stop being afraid of bees when they enter the room. We stop picking up flowers from the road. We stop believing.
The innocence of childhood, the quiet joy that we felt when a good omen happened around us, vanishes and slowly, life takes over and a metamorphosis begins. We mold an old, soft skin to grow a skin that is hard, toughened and weathered by incidents that force us to stop expecting good or bad things. We stop looking for signs. And signals. We stop looking as a whole and live our lives like machines stuck in a routine.


Stop and smell the flowers. Act crazy when you see a bird. Be happy when it rains and feel scared of a black cat crosses your path. Dont over do it. But don’t stop believing.



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